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  • 10-29-2008 Conference Call
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Participants: Josh, Mathieu, Robin, Luke Fernandez, Salwa, Charlie, Sue

Agenda Items

1. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

TWSIA09 Planning


  • We don't have anybody secured yet for the support-level.
  • No commitment at this point.
  • Charlie: Contributors like to know in advance. We should publicize it earlier.
  • Don't need the money until the second quarter of next year.
  • Need the money at the end of May to cover travel expenses.
  • Josh will follow-up with Unicon.
  • Sponsors will miss an opportunity if they don't tell us before the VA Tech event.
  • Need to announce the number of winners.
  • We might not have to announce that we will fund winners... At what point will we need to become specific?
  • To get things going: announce that the winner will get a free trip to the Boston conference.
  • Sue: Need for a press release during the VA Tech event? Start from the last one.
  • Time it with Micheal's address. Need to build some slides for him.
  • Sue: We want to use Elluminate for Salim (he has issues with his firewall) at VA Tech and the judging process. Sue will follow up. Selling point.
  • Hard to reach people during EDUCAUSE...
  • Copies of the flyers are now distributed at EDUCAUSE. Worked out great.
  • Mary Miles has sent the sponsorship plan to all commercial affiliates.


  • Karen Swan: Accepted.
  • Ken: Pending.
  • Piet: Pending.

Rubrics and Submission Process

  • Matt and Nate have put in some time to update the info.
  • Let's wait after EDUCAUSE to talk about this.
  • Using MS Word as a gauge. Need to write down some clear instructions.

2. Demo Courses

  • Initiated by Robin.
  • Something on the web which doesn't need to login.
  • Robin will have a call with rSmart tomorrow.
  • They should be able to post 6 courses to the world.
  • Robin has done presentations before about this topic.
  • Permissions are tricky. Need to take out the write permission.
  • Should be linked from the Sakai site.
  • Sharing practices, not best practices.
  • There is a need for these kind of examples.
  • Sue: CGU is involved in a similar initiative.
  • Hard to demonstrate the customization possibilities of Sakai. Other LMSs are canned. May appeal to some instructors.
  • We need OpenEdPractices to be able to incorporate these demos.
  • Do we need these demos to be unbranded?
  • The goal is adoption (institutions and faculty).
  • Robin has set-up a page already.
  • Salwa: User group also has a similar initiative.
  • Quick and easy access is key. Need to see the process.
  • Need a clean page for decision makers.
  • We should integrate the winners from last year in.
  • Need to contact the Paris folks to get source videos to publish snippets.

3. VA Tech Regional Conference

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