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Table of Contents

1. Meet requirements

1.1 Apply SAK-10801 - Getting issue details... STATUS (Sakai 2.5.x only)
  • You can follow these instructions for applying SAK-10801 - Getting issue details... STATUS to your Sakai installation. Depending on your DB size, this operation can take several time.
1.2 Upgrade to EntityBroker 1.3.9 or higher (Sakai 2.5.x and Sakai 2.6.x only)
  • Option 1 (source): change in Sakai source code:
  1. Remove {tomcat_folder}/shared/lib/entitybroker*
  2. Remove {tomcat_folder}/components/entitybroker*
  3. Remove {tomcat_folder}/webapps/entitybroker*
  4. Change <sakai.entitybroker.version> property in master/pom.xml to 1.3.9 (or higher)
  5. Checkout EntityBroker 1.3.9 (or higher), compile and deploy:

    svn co

    cd entitybroker-1.3.9

    mvn -Dmaven.tomcat.home={tomcat_folder} clean install sakai:deploy

  6. Change <module> property in full profile on ./pom.xml to entitybroker-1.3.9 (or higher)
  • Option 2 (binary): replace EntityBroker binaries in Tomcat:
  1. Remove {tomcat_folder}/shared/lib/entitybroker*
  2. Remove {tomcat_folder}/components/entitybroker*
  3. Remove {tomcat_folder}/webapps/entitybroker*
  4. Unzip EntityBroker 1.3.9 assembly to {tomcat_folder}
1.3 Upgrade Maven to 2.2.1 or higher
  • Maven 2.2.1+ is required to properly compile the project.
    Lower versions can fail with the error message "Failed to validate POM for project".

2. Install Sakai BigBlueButton

  1. Download the tool source code from the Download section of the Home page
  2. Compile & deploy to Tomcat:

    mvn -Dmaven.tomcat.home={tomcat_folder} clean install sakai:deploy

  3. Add/review Sakai BigBlueButton settings (see Configuration section of the Home page)

3. Database schema creation/upgrade

  • You can find schema creation and upgrade scripts on the database folder of Sakai BigBlueButton folder
  • For testing purposes, schema can be automatically created by setting auto.ddl=true in

4. Sakai setup

  • Adding to site: the tool can be added as usual via a Sakai site: Site Info > Edit tools > [x] Meetings

  • Permissions: can be set in the tool
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