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Lessons tool - special installation instructions

Lesson tool

Sakai 2.9.3
For large installations with a million Lessons items or more, Lessons may break since the id generated cannot go high enough. To fix you can use the following statements. Please see LSNBLDR-284 - Getting issue details... STATUS for more information.

alter table lesson_builder_items modify gradebookId varchar(100); 
alter table lesson_builder_items modify altGradebook varchar(100); 

alter table lesson_builder_items modify gradebookId varchar2(100 char); 
alter table lesson_builder_items modify altGradebook altGradebook varchar2(100 char);

Sakai 2.9.4 (and a note about Lessons with 2.8.x)


If you are running the Lessons that comes with Sakai 2.9.x, database upgrades are handled automatically. No special instructions are needed.


 If you install Lessons yourself, we recommend using the most recent tag. This is currently 1.4.2.  If you install it yourself, you need to be concerned about database schema updates.  We recommend starting once with auto.ddl on. That will handle most database updates for you. The exceptions are in the following files:

 If you are moving from a copy of lessons older than the 1.4.0 tag:

* simplepage.pre29-to29.sql

If you are moving to the 1.4.2 tag from any previous version, and are using mysql: 

* simplepage.for-2.9.2.sql [mysql only] 

If you are unable to use auto.ddl, see the README files in the Lessons source. It will explain how to generate a database update script to go between any two versions of the source.

For the convenience of sites running 2.8, we generate binaries for 2.8. See


Deprecations, Removals and Warnings





2.9.0Citations/Google Scholarretired
Google has discontinued Sakai support in Google Scholar with the new Google Scholar UI introduced earlier this year. This was confirmed directly with Google. For more information, see a sakai-dev post from May 2012:
For now, the problem can be fixed by adding a "sciui=2" parameter to the Google Scholar URL to force the old Google Scholar UI, but it's not clear how long Google will keep the old interface available.
2.9.0NeoChatdisabledNeoChat is a new feature in 2.9.0. We recommend leaving neochat disabled in a production environment until performance and usability tests are completed

Open 2.9-related issues worth noting





Issue documentation SAK-22891 - Getting issue details... STATUS Sakai's context sensitive help was not updated in 2.9.0 and therefore contains the 2.8 release help information. creation SAK-22994 - Getting issue details... STATUS Worksite Setup tool won't display extra site types from SiteTypeProvider during the new course site creation
2.9.0Conversion script issueSamigo (Test and Quizzes) SAM-787 - Getting issue details... STATUS Not all languages are included in the conversion at this time, only English, Spanish and Catalan.
2.9.0n/aFirefox browser with WebDav instructions SAK-22588 - Getting issue details... STATUS Links to OS specific instructions don't work on Firefox. Mozilla issue, not a Sakai issue. w/noteSwitching languages may require clearing browser cache SAK-22568 - Getting issue details... STATUS Some Sakai features require clearing your browser cache for the change to be reflected.
2.9.0no fix for Citations Helper plannedCKEditor - Some plugins not supported

SAK-17886 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SAK-21667 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Currently Citations Helper and Entity Picker plugins are not supported in CKEditor. It's expected that iSyllabus SAK-22283 - Getting issue details... STATUS will replace the functionality of

the Entity Picker, but no news on what will happen with Citations.

2.9.0 CKEditor - Configuration Changes SAK-22113 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Because we wanted to try to make it easier to configure CKEditor via an external file, the ckeditor.launch.js configuration for external plugins moved to the bottom of the file, and external plugins

have their own folder in "ckextraplugins". These include wordcount, an updated movie player and support for After The Deadline (if you set up the server) in Mysql Conversion Script SAK-22911 - Getting issue details... STATUS MFR_AREA_T is wrong case and can cause issue in conversion script, use conversion script in trunk or 2.9.x
2.9.3 Samigo SAM-2201 - Getting issue details... STATUS AssessmentGradeInfoProvider isAssignmentDefined results in many thousands database queries

Heads up for planned changes post 2.9.0 

2.10Events SAM-658 - Getting issue details... STATUS Major change to events.


Open 2.x tickets

For listings of all open 2x-related issues see:

Blocker Critical Major Minor, trivial

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