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  • Sakai 2.9 Assignments Tool Instructor Persona Firefox Comprehensive WCAG 2 Protocol Results
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Test Details

Browser(s) / OS Used:

Firefox 9, Windows 7

Sakai Tool:


Page(s) Tested:

Assignments main page, add new assignment, edit assignment, Grade report, Redorder, Permissions, Options



QA Server:

QA Server Environment:
(Copy from footer)

Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review - TRUNK - Sakai 2.9-SNAPSHOT (Kernel 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT)- Server localhost


Joe Humbert

Evaluation Complete: (Yes / No):


Accessibility Problems and Recommended Solutions







No issues




Linearized Content

No issues




Reliance on Sensory Characteristics

No issues




Use of Color

No issues




Sufficient Contrast

  1. The "edit", "duplicate" and "Grade" links on the Assignments main page do not meet minimum color contrast ratios. This would apply to the "Submit as Student" links on the Student View page.
  1. All content content items should meet the minimum color contrast of 4.5:1

    .itemAction a, .itemAction a:link
        border-bottom: medium none;
        color: #1D66BE;
        padding: 0.2em 0.3em 1px 0;
        white-space: nowrap;
  1. Minor


Resizable Text

No issues





  1. The table summary on the Assignments main page  needs to be updated. The Grade Report Page table needs a better summary. The Student View Page needs a better table summary.
  2. The Grading and Released Grade Notification Email Options radio buttons on the Add and Edit Assignment pages are not in a fieldset. As well as the "please choose the display option for grading assignment page" on the options page.
  3. Multiple Combo boxes on the Add and Edit Assignment pages are unlabeled.
  1.  Update the table summary to accurately describe the table.

    <table class="listHier lines nolines" cellspacing="0" border="0" summary="List of assignments. This table contains 8 columns and each row represents a separate assignment. Column headers are also links which can be used to sort the table by that column. Column 1: Indicates if the assignment has attachments. Column 2: assignment title and links to edit, duplicate or grade. Column 3: status of the assignment (opened/closed/draft). Column 4: Date the assignment will be available for submission(Open). Column 5: Assignment due date (due).  Column 6: The number of assignments submitted and the number that have not been graded (In / New). Column 7: Contains the grading scale (Scale) for the assignment. Column 8: Has a checkbox to select and remove the selected assignment.">
  2. All radio button and checkbox groups should be in a fieldset.

    <legend class="h4">Grading</legend>
    <div style="display:block">
    <div class="checkbox indnt2" style="display:block">
    <input id="no" type="radio" onclick="" checked="" value="no" name="new_assignment_add_to_gradebook">
    <label for="no">Do not add assignment to Gradebook</label>
    <input id="add" type="radio" onclick="}" value="add" name="new_assignment_add_to_gradebook">
    <label for="add">Add Assignment to Gradebook</label>
    <input id="associate" type="radio" onclick="" value="associate" name="new_assignment_add_to_gradebook">
    <label for="associate">Associate with existing Gradebook entry</label>
  3. All form controls should be explicitly labeled.

    <label for="release_day" class="skip">Open Date Day</label>
    <select onchange="" id="new_assignment_openday" name="new_assignment_openday">
                                  <option value="1">1</option>
  1. Minor
  2. Major
  3. Major
  1. none yet
  2. SAK-22797 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. SAK-22798 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Keyboard Operatibility

  1. The Reorder tool is not keyboard accessible
  1.  All Tools should be accessible using only the keyboard.
  1. Major

SAK-22799 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Time Limits

No issues




Control of Updates

No issues




Prevent Seizures

No issues




Bypass Blocks - Headings

No issues




Bypass Blocks - ARIA Landmarks

  1. There are two navigation landmarks with no unique text description (portal)
  1.  Each navigation landmark should have a unique text description or label:

    <h1 class="skip" role="navigation" aria-label="Worksites list">Worksites begin here</h1>
    <div id="toolMenu" role="navigation" aria-label="Site Tools">
  1.  minor


Bypass Blocks - Skip Content Links

No issues




Bypass Blocks - Group Links

No issues




Bypass Blocks - Frame / Page Titles

No issues




Page Titles

  1. The Add New Assigment, Grade Report, and Permission pages do not have unique page titles.
  1.  All page titles should be unique.

    <title>Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review : AR Test 101 123 Spring 2011 : Assignments: Add new assignment</title>
  1.  Minor



No issues





  1. Multiple links on the Assignments Main page have non-unique link text.
  2. There are 3 "add" links on the Add and Edit assignments pages that do not have a href attribute, but are still clickable
  1. All links should have unique link text.

    <a href="">Edit <span class="skip">Assignment B</span></a>
  2. All links should have href attributes so they are accessible by adaptive technology.

    <a id="modelanswer_add" class="extraNodeLink" href="#">Add</a>
  1. Major
  2. Major
  1. SAK-19591 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. SAK-22800 - Getting issue details... STATUS


No issues





No Issues




Language Identification

No issues




Change of Context

No issues  



No issues




Access keys

No issues




Change of Context Notification

No issues




Error Notices

No issues




Required Field Notification

No issues




Error Prevention

No issues





No issues





No issues




Priority Definitions

  • Critical: Issue will keep some/all users from being able to use this tool.
  • Major: Issue will cause significant difficulty to some/all users and should be revised.
  • Minor: Tool can be used successfully, but functionality will be significantly improved by fixing issue.
  • Trivial: Indicates that this issue has a relatively minor impact.