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  • Sakai 2.9 Login Page New Account Tool JAWS Walkthrough Script Results
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Test Details

Browser/OS Used:

IE 8 / JAWS 12 on XP

Sakai Tool:

Login Page New Account Tool

Page(s) Tested:




QA Server:

QA Server Environment:
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TRUNK - Sakai 2.9-SNAPSHOT (Kernel 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT)

Test Participants:

Mary Stores: JAWS, Brian Richwine: Observer

Accessibility Problems and Recommended Solutions






Required field indicators

Asterisks are outside of the form field labels



SAK-21808 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Account Type field

Mary was confused by the "Type Edit Registered Unavailable" field. 

If you can't edit it or change it, why include it as a form input control?



Reset Link

No reset link is available in the toolbar




No confirmation

After entering acceptable input values, immediately logged in and placed in the home tool of my workspace.

Would have been nice to at least see a heading that says "Hello First Name Last Name" and a conformation screen.




























Priority Definitions

  • Critical: Issue will keep some/all users from being able to use this tool.
  • Major: Issue will cause significant difficulty to some/all users and should be revised.
  • Minor: Tool can be used successfully, but functionality will be significantly improved by fixing issue.
  • Trivial: Indicates that this issue has a relatively minor impact.