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Teaching with Sakai Webinar Series: Background

At the 2011 Sakai Conference, there was substantial interest in establishing a monthly, live, synchronous, online course (or project site) demonstration by faculty at different Sakai institutions. The intent is to provide examples to interested community members and to highlight the wonderful wealth of resources in our Sakai community! This can be an exciting professional development opportunity for all of us -- and our collective participation is essential to our collective success. The goals of this effort is to:

  • Host one presentation per month (September 2011 to May 2012) and represent a variety of institution types, disciplines, and countries.
  • Expand our local professional development efforts while developing deeper cross-institutional collaboration and sharing.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is interested in learning about ways Sakai is being used to enhance teaching and learning should attend! These sessions are useful for faculty, instructional design and support staff, technologists, administrators, and developers. We encourage interested individuals at Sakai institutions to setup "watch parties" with faculty and instructors so that all can participate in a community-wide discussion as well as follow-up local discussions.

The idea is for faculty and staff from Sakai institutions across the globe to share teaching practices and expertise via web conferencing so that we may all learn, be inspired, and innovate.


  • As sessions are scheduled, attendees can register at EventBrite.

Recommendations & requirements

Registrants will be provided a link to the session a day prior to the session. For best results, we recommend participants:

  • find a quiet space free of distractions
  • have an active internet connection
  • log into the session 10 minutes prior to the event to confirm the setup is working
  • use a headset with noise-canceling microphone to listen
  • prepare to participate via text chat
  • review the Participant QuickStart Guide (PDF)


Session Number & Title




Session 01: Learning through reflective writing and immersion with social media

Bobby White
Jon Hays

University of California at Berkeley

September 27, 2011

Session 02: Blended learning: Best of both worlds

Amber D. Evans-Marcu

Methodist College of Nursing

October 25, 2011

Session 03: Wikifolios, Wikiflections, & Exams for Online Participation, Understanding & Achievement

Daniel Hickey
Kate Ellis

Indiana University - Bloomington

November 21, 2011

Session 04: Engaging medical students in pathology: Podcasts and zooming images

Howard Reisner
Kim Eke

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

December 14, 2011

Session 05: Increasing Student Engagement with the Sakai Wiki

Scott Bowman
Salwa Khan

Texas State University

February 22, 2012

Session 06: The use of Melete to support skills acquisition

Anji Gardiner
Patrick Lynch

The University of Hull, UK

March 29, 2012

Session 07: TBD



Session 08: TBD



Session 09: TBD



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