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  • MySQL -
    • You should download the MySQL Community Server
    • NOTE: MySQL 5.5.x works but there are minor issues (mostly related to creating some profile 2 tables). If you already have 5.5 then you probably do not need to downgrade
  1. To check: Run mysql --help on the command line
  2. If not, download MySQL from:
  3. Custom install to /opt/mysql (options vary slightly based on operating system)
    • Linux users should install MySQL using a package or binaries if possible
    1. Choose standard configuration
    2. Install as a windows service (Windows only)
    3. Launch automatically (recommended)
      • If you choose not to do this, make sure that you startup MySQL each time before you try to run Sakai
    4. Include the bin directory in Path
    5. Don't use an anonymous account
    6. Set your root password to "mysqlpwd1"
  4. Update the mysql config file
    • For linux/OSX this is going to be: /etc/my.cnf
    • Windows: this file will be called my.ini and located in the dir you installed mysql into
    • MySQL provides a number of preconfigured option files that can be used as a starting point for configuration. Look for my-small.cnf, my-medium.cnf, my-large.cnf and my-huge.cnf.
    1. Add the following to the [mysqld] section

      default-storage-engine = InnoDB
      lower_case_table_names = 1
    2. OPTIONAL for 5.5: Add this to enable logging

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