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  • 2011-06-16 Citations Helper Future Directions for Development & Support
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Title of Session


Birds of a Feather


Jon W. Dunn, Indiana University,


Thursday, June 16


9:45-10:45 AM


Santa Barbara A


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The Sakai Citations Helper feature, first introduced in 2007 in Sakai 2.4, allows students and instructors to create citation lists within the Sakai Resources tool. Since the original design of this feature, there have been major changes in the library technology landscape with the emergence of discovery tools such as Primo, Summon, and EBSCO Discovery Search; in the bibliographic management landscape with the emergence of tools such as Mendeley and Zotero; and in the Sakai world with the development of Sakai OAE.

Given these changes, it makes sense to have a community discussion about future support and development of Citations Helper. The purpose of this session is to gather together librarians, instructional technologists, training and support professionals, and developers to discuss current use of Citations Helper, desired improvements, and potential models for ongoing development and support.


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