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  • 2011-06-15 IMS LIS 2.0 & Sakai - Real Time Integration with Your SIS
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IMS LIS 2.0 & Sakai: Real Time Integration with Your SIS




Nate Angell, The rSmart Group, Inc.,
Duffy Gillman, The rSmart Group, Inc.,
Alan Hansen, SunGard Higher Education,


June 15, 2011


9:45am - 10:30am


Beaudry A


IMS LIS 2.0 & Sakai: Real Time Integration with Your SIS

Learning Information Services (LIS) 2.0 is a new IMS specification and standard for defining methods of transfer and data exchange between student information systems and other systems, including learning platforms like Sakai. LIS supports both bulk data exchange and real-time synchronization for people, organizations, courses, enrollments, and grade information. This presentation will go over some of the key concepts in the IMS LIS 2.0 specification and specifics about its current reference implementation in Sakai and SunGard Banner.

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