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  • Evaluation Test Results 1.3.0-RC3
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Evaluation Test Results 1.3.0-RC3

Please follow the following template for reporting test results against the documented Test Plans:

Test Results from <name> at <institution>

  • Identify system where testing was done (e.g.
  • Identify Test Cases that were successfully run (identified with Letter and Number)
  • Identify Test Cases that failed and why (identified with Letter and Number)
  • Identify ad-hoc testing that succeeded
  • Identify ad-hoc testing that failed
  • List any JIRAs that were written as a result of testing

Test Results from University of Michigan (July 2011)

  • Test A - Passed - item removed successfully. (Created items from scratch, as there seems be no way to reuse them from the bank of items) (Similarly, if a group of questions is created, there is an option "Add existing item," but upon clicking it the message appears, "There are no items you can add to this group.")
  • Test B - Passed
  • Test C - Passed
  • Test D - Passed
  • Test E - Passed (There is no need to click the "Save Order" button as per the test script, because the changes were automatically saved; also this button was disabled. The script may need to be updated.)
  • Test F - Passed
  • Test G - Passed
  • Test H - Passed
  • Test I - Passed (Create multiple courses and evaluations to fulfill the requirements for tests N - P)
  • Test J - Passed (Do not select anything from the Hierarchy Level (already defined on the template)
  • Test K - Passed
  • Test L - Passed
  • Test M - Passed
  • Test N - Passed   If you're going to use Teaching Assistants - User is a student (evaluator) and an instructor (evaluatee) 
    the following default setting must be turned on in EvalSys > Administrate, "Enable Teaching Assistant Item category"   
  • Test O - Passed
  • Test P - Passed (The tests in this section require that multiple evaluations and courses are setup for particu
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