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Mark J. Norton, Nolaria Consulting

April 27, 2010

Setting up Sakai for full integration with SoftChalk LessonBuilder requires the installation of a single Sakai module: LessonBuilder gateway (lbgateway. This documentation applies to Sakai 2.6.x and version 15 or later of lbgateway.

Installing lbgateway

The SoftChalk LessonBuilder Sakai Gateway application (lbgateway) is a servlet that implements a set of REST operations to support bi-directional access to content in Sakai course sites. A login is required and access permissions are based on those available to that user. If the user is an instructor, all of his courses are (normally) accessible.

To install the application, use the following script to install lbgateway into your Sakai (2.6.x) instance:

The lbgateway application is not a registered Sakai tool. It is a servlet that processes REST requests using Sakai kernel and application services. As such, it requires separate login to maintain proper security. Operation of this application can be tested (once Tomcat is running again) using the following URL in a browser: A description of the supported REST commands is displayed. The current version of lbgateway is 15.


Maven Failure

Maven may fail during the build process. Check to make sure you have installed the lbgateway module in the correct place (under your sakai-2.6.x directory). Maven errors may indicate other problems.

Gateway Doesn’t Respond

If you get no response from the “lbgateway/help?” request, check the URL to make sure you specified your Sakai instance. If that seems correct, check that Tomcat is running.

LessonBuilder Can’t Connect

Check to make sure you have the correct version of SoftChalk LessonBuilder (version 15). User name or password may be incorrect or have insufficient permissions to connect.

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