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Contrib: Attendance

Suggested Features:  (you can add additional features but please do not remove any)

  • Show a listing of dates (similar to a calendar, but in a spreadsheet-like format, rather than a monthly calendar-style view, and with the students names listed in one column on the left)
  • Have the ability to select only certain days of the week for viewing as the default for a particular site (for example, Mondays and Wednesdays only, if it is a M-W class)
  • Enter an attendance mark for each student for each date the class meets, such as P (present), A (absent), T (tardy), E (excused), H (holiday), etc.
  • Listing would be sortable by name, or specific date column
  • Students displayed could be filtered by group or section
  • Allow faculty to export and/or print the attendance data for offline-line record keeping if needed
  • Allow students to access the tool and view ONLY their own attendance data for that class
  • Faculty had a place where they could define the start and end dates of class for that term
  • There were a way to tabulate the number of absences per user and record it somewhere easily visible to faculty and students
  • The instructor could choose to assign points for attendance, and this data could be (optionally) linked to the gradebook to give an overall attendance score

    Suggested Features

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