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  • 2011-01-19 End-User Documentation Meeting
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Meeting Details

  • Wednesday, January 19
  • 9:00 AM Pacific, 12:00 PM Eastern
  • Conference Call:
    • Sean reserved Sakai 003 bridge
    • Telephone: +1 812 856 7060
    • Conference Code: 22386#
    • PIN: 72524#


  • Alan Regan
  • Mathieu Plourde
  • Jeff Ziegler
  • Jim Mezzanotte
  • Jennifer Staley
  • Kara Stiles
  • Suzanne Gord
  • Robin Hill
  • Sean Keesler


Per Sean Keesler's notes, here is a proposed agenda:

  • Identify project lead
  • Identify sections of the out of the box (OOTB) docs to target for redesign
  • Assign teams to create content for the project
  • Identify existing resources that we could use as guidelines or possibly repurpose

Tasks within the project would include:

  • Writing teams: Propose style guidelines, set first draft/community review draft/final draft deadlines, revise existing documents (incorporating community resources if available)
  • Project lead: Ping writing teams on progress, report status to Sakai Technical Coordination Committee (TCC), coordinate with Indiana University knowledgebase staff
    • FYI, per Elizabeth Venstra's message, Roger Brown of Cape Town volunteered to check non-Indiana tools' pages in the KB.
  • All members: Recommend documentation design and delivery improvements for Sakai OAE, including interface suggestions, backend tracking (first visit/use, returning use), etc.

Long-term documentation workflow

  • UI KB's plans
  • Expectations from the community
    • OOTB documentation
    • Local customizations
    • Internationalization

See Also

Minutes From TitanPad


  • Identify project lead
    • Liaison to the TCC, to make sure things get into the release
    • Sean will do it
    • Target 2.8?
      • Deadline? Mid-to-late January
      • Get it in a 2.8.x branch
  • Identify sections of the out of the box (OOTB) docs to target for redesign
    • Helping the question marks?
    • Who's the audience?
      • End-Users: Instructors, Students, Project owners
      • Permission-based: Access, Member, Maintainer
    • Accuracy of documentation
    • 9 people indicated interest in writing.
      • We could create 6 writing pairs
  • Assign teams to create content for the project
    • How many tools to we want to target?
    • Identify existing resources that we could use as guidelines or possibly repurpose


  • Core tools to consider (Robin volunteered to list user pain points)
    • tests and quizzes - Alan, Robin
    • forums - Jennifer, Mathieu
    • assignments - Jennifer's team
    • site info - Kara Stiles, Jim Mezzanotte
    • roster
    • gradebook 1.0
    • worksite setup
    • resources
    • announcements
    • drop box - Jeff Z.
    • SiteStats
    • Profile
    • Profile 2.0
  • Secondary tools for future consideration?
    • Gradebook 2.0
  • How to work as a writing team
    • Identify who enjoys writing, editing, planning
    • Identify workspace (Google Docs? Confluence wiki?)
    • Identify timelines, deadlines, first draft, second, etc.
    • Identify wording in Sakai to be revised? Weird processes?
    • Partner with a functional expert/developer?
  • Elements to the tools
    • roles (pages intended for specific user roles)
    • how-to (step by step)
    • overview (benefit, purpose, table of contents)
  • Sakai 2.8 box to bang on?
  • Style guide
    • Do you "click" "select" etc. on links, buttons?
    • Action in front of sentence, explanation after. (Click "Manage Access" to ... versus To xyz, click "Manage Access.")
    • Use of bold, italics, quotes, etc.?
    • Follow IU's guidelines
    • Include best practices?
      • OpenEd Practices,
  • Location to start work
    • Confluence?
    • GoogleDocs?
    • GoogleSites?


Tentative next meeting: Wednesday Feb 2, 11 a.m. PST, 2:00 p.m. EST