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Nursing Portfolio Scenario

Jan, the instructor in the Simulation Lab, needs to assess and certify that students in the Simulation session have met the clinical proficiencies associated with the session.

Ethel is in the last semester of the accelerated BS program; following graduation and working for 2 years in a clinical setting, Ethel  plans to apply to the MS Nurse Practitioner Program to specialize in Pediatrics as her advanced practice area.

Ethel also has an Advisor, Santino

Siu-man is the Administrator in charge of monitoring CNNE certification requirements for the College of Nursing.

The NYU College of Nursing requires that each individual student complete over the course of his or her education a portfolio into which he or she uploads files (including video of simulated clinical interactions) that demonstrate the achievement of various, discrete, clinical proficiencies.

Siu-man is charged with monitoring Nursing's portfolio program. 

*    She must be readily able to alter what specific items the portfolio needs to include, as required clinical proficiencies are  subject to change and as the different specializations in the Nursing  program evolve.

*    She must also be able to designate which spaces in the portfolio are HIPAA protected so that information in them can only be shared on a need-to-know basis (or, in some cases, not shared at all).  FERPA regulations must also be followed.

Jan, the Simulation Instructor, needs to be able to view and record comments about individual activity that Ethel has uploaded to her portfolio (some of it prior to class, some created for it); some of  Jan's comments must be confidential  between the Instructor and Student, some must be confidential to Instructors and Administrators only.

Santino needs to be able to view and comment on the activities Ethel has uploaded to her portfolio.

Finally, at the end of the semester, Jan needs to confirm the clinical proficiency areas in which Ethel has met the course criteria.

Ethel needs to know what she is required to include in the course portfolio in order to demonstrate clinical proficiency.

Ethel will need to publically share portfolio components of similar interests with other students and faculty (HIPAA AND FERPA compliance required). 

The portfolio that appears on Ethel's network page collects and displays many of the same items as the certification portfolio and is largely drawn from that portfolio, which Jan and Siu-man use to certify that Ethel has met the clinical proficiency for the course

Ethel has control over the layout of the version of her  portfolio that is presented on her network page.

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