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Activity One: Test Preparation







ST.Script.01.Access OSP 2.7







ST.Script.02.Verify access to Jira 2.7







Activity Two: User and Site Preparation







ST.Script.01.Add Test Users 2.7







ST.Script.02.Add Sites 2.7







ST.Script.03.Add Maintainers 2.7







Activity Three: Set up Sites







ST.Script.01.Set-up Portfolio Admin Site







ST.Script.02.Set-up portfolio site 2.7







ST.Script.03.Set-up course site 2.7







ST.Script.04.Set-up project site 2.7







ST.Script.05.Add additional sites







ST.Script.06.Set-up and use the goal management tools







ST.Script.07.Set-up groups in project site 2.7







ST.Script.09.Associate Course Site and Matrix 2.7







Activity Four: Test Administration of Matrices and Wizards







ST.Script.01.Manipulate Matrices







ST.Script.02.Manipulate Wizards







ST.Script.03.CollectWork.Complete the Form Item in Resources







Activity Five: Participant Uses Wizards







ST.Script.01.Site Participants Add Files in Project Site







ST.Script.02.CIG Participants Add Files to Wizards in Portfolio Site







ST.Script.03.Students Add Files to Matrix in Project 2.7







ST.Script.04.Students Add Files to Wizards in Course







Activity Six: Participant Designs Portfolio







Improving Portfolio User Experience Test Plan section 2.7, but needs updated screen shots The functionality has not changed since these screen shots were taken, but the interface has been juggled a bit. Note that the default status for a portfolio is now 'Active' rather than 'Inactive'.







Activity Seven: Reviewers Review Work







ST.Script.01.Reviewer Reviews Student Work in Project Site 2.7







ST.Script.02.Reviewer Reviews Matrices and Wizards in Course







Activity Eight: Evaluators Evaluate Work







ST.Script.01.Evaluator Grades Participant's Work in Project Site 2.7







ST.Script.02.CIG Participants View Evaluations and Resubmit in Portfolio CIG







ST.Script.03.Evaluator Re-evaluates CIG Participant Work in Portfolio CIG







ST.Script.04.CIG Participant Views Re-evaluation in Portfolio CIG







ST.Script.05.Evaluator Grades Student Work in Course







ST.Script.06.Students View Evaluations and Resubmit Work in Course







ST.Script.07.Evaluator Re-evaluates Students Work in Course







ST.Script.08.Student Views Re-evaluation in Course














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