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  • T&L Design Lenses, 11 October 2010
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  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Notetaker volunteers? October 11 Etherpad:

Meeting Notes

Welcome and Introductions
Enter your name below:Debbie Runshe, IU/IUPUILynn Ward, Indiana UnivesityRobin Hill, WyomingSalwa Khan,Texas StateClay Fenlason, Georgia TechDavid Goodrum, Indiana Ann Jensen, TXStateDaphne Ogle, UC BerkeleyJon Hays, UC Berkeley
Meeting Discussion and Action Items
Groups Minispecs
I want to set up my class
What about deleting the class space?  There is another mini-spec about deleting/archiving/unpublishing.  Need to add this to Non-Goals.Is starting a class again captured?Does this spec assume that all courses are the same?  Do we need to express the various kinds in the user scenarios?seminar, lecture w/labs or discussion sections...seminar seems to be missing from the scenariosScenario for kind of class that only want to share content and maybe send out messages now and then (google docs & gmail)Templates for organizing a site and their interaction patterns.  Out of scope for this spec but may be worthwhile to mention the idea of choosing a starting place.Add sentence to user goal summary that narrows the scope of the spec a bitCan we split this up into 2:  the membership and the group structure?  Seems a little artifiial to split them up.  Can do some setup early on even if don't know the roster yet.Might try to add some wild course situations  of the future.  Covers current situations but what about what the future will bring?start teacting a class to the whole world - completely open.  some students pay tuition and take class, etc. but you also have open learners from around the world that are joining in.inter-institutuional teaching between 2 courses Next time, do some brainstorming on discussion in Sakai 3

I want to create and manage related groups 
Brainstorming Exercise
I want to browse and search Sakai without logging in 

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