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  • Meeting, T&L Design Lenses, 27 September 2010
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T & L Design Lenses

 27 September 2010

 No agenda circulated.


Pad Notes

Sakai T&L Design Lenses WG

Jon Hays, UCB
Josh Baron, Marist
Robin Hill, Wyoming
Jacques Raynauld, HEC
Debbie Runshe IU/IUPUI
Ann Jensen, TX State
Janice Smith, Three Canoes


Jacques Raynauld sharing work on Open Syllabus/Syllabus capabilities in Sakai 3:

Different view of Syllabus when it is integrated into course website

Who are the actors/users/roles of a Syllabus


Explore all of the parts that are of interest:
Description of the course - basic information that should be available to different users/contexts
Evaluation Section - 

Impact on the design

Sakai 3 work:  How does Open Syllabus translate?

  • Page Templates?
  • Other concepts?

Structured vs. Unstructured Syllabus

  • interest in less restrictive, free-form syllabus
  • Open Syllabus (OP) structured, address need of instructors for guided 
  • not necessarily templating.
  • The content/information on the page are discrete pieces of data (semantic) that can be used/re-used in different contexts and other workflows.
  • seeks to preserve 
  • Can these co-exist?

Other issues:
Share syllabus?
Social Networking

To what extent should a syllabus drive the composition of learning objectives (or encourage such objectives, or require them?) and how?

Jacques:  Engineering wants to push learning objectives to course syllabi.  Tagging not adequate for that.

Daphne:  For one thing, tagging requires a shared vocabulary understood by users.  Maybe a hybrid, with some pre-defined semantics, would work.

Pad Chat

 September 27, 2010

14:15 Robin Hill: Thankls, Jon! I can follow this if my phone discharges.
14:16 Jon Hays UCB: (wink)
14:31 Ann Jensen: TX House Bill 2504 implemented at TX State: Go to and click Browse Instructors
14:42 Jon Hays UCB: We have an initiative on campus to define Program Goals and learning objectives. here is an example:
15:00 Ann Jensen: Good discussion...thanks!

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