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  • Agenda, T&L Design Lenses, 16 August 2010
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  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Notetaker volunteers? August 16 Etherpad:
  3. Agenda for August 16 Meeting

Meeting Notes

Welcome and Introductions

Debbie Runshe, IUPUI
Lynn Ward, Indiana
Clay Fenlason, Sakai Foundation
Ken Romeo, Stanford
Jon and Daphne, Berkeley
Ann Jensen, TX State
Nicole Teta Nokam, MATI Montreal
Robin Hill, Wyoming
Janice Smith, Three Canoes

Notetaker volunteers? August 16 Etherpad:
Agenda for August 16 Meeting:

Questions for Clay or Updates:

  • Clay has been doing some clean-up of the minispecs; hasn't received as much feedback as he'd like.  Would like to get some early feedback.
  • Phased approach to implementation.   Minispec for group creation has probably received the most attention, but it's also more abstract than some of the others.
  • Clay would welcome comments (in the confluence pages).  
  • Three dfferent audiences:
  • Design team
  • The User Reference Group - functional ownership of the Sakai 3 project
  • The wider community - where the project is going, how it will be implemented, and why?
  • Josh: how might we apply the lenses to the minispec; Josh thought it might be useful to try this with content authoring to think beyond Q1 or year 1 toward a more complete vision of content authoring.
  • Clay - yes, this sounds more like a manifesto
  • Ann: what is the next after the minispec; wireframes or storyboards
  • There is a design process and evcentually the minispec will preceed design work; initially, the minispecs are trying to capture some design work that has already taken place.
  • Personas:  Not complete, but have been applied where appropriate.  We hope to develop additonal personas for other areas, for example research.
  • Format suggestions are always helpful
  • Focus on describing the problem or the user needs rather than the solution.  
  • For the existing mini-specs, provide feedback by adding comments in Confluence rather than editing the text of the mini-specs.  Or child page.
  • Clay: each mini-spec calls for close attention; we may only get through one.  We'll start with the Page authoring.  

Updates from Sakai 3 Steering Committee/Team                 

  • Any tasks yet from the Functional Analyst Team?
  • We'll all read and be prepared to discuss the mini-specs relared to comments.
  • Discussion of how we might apply lenses to "minispecs"
  • Next steps

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