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Welcome to the Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group!

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The T&L Group Mission

To drive innovation on teaching and learning within the Sakai community. To share best practices, understandings and experiences among faculty members themselves and between faculty and other Sakai community members. To communicate the goals and issues of the teaching and learning community to contributors in Sakai including developers, UX (user experience), system administrators, documentation, support, and QA (quality assurance).

Hello and welcome!

This confluence site is the gathering place for folks interested in teaching, learning and assessment within the Sakai community. We are actively looking for more folks to contribute so please wonder around and jump in wherever you wish.  You may also want to join the "Teaching and Learning" (i.e. "pedagogy") discussion group. If you have questions e-mail Joshua Baron

See who is active in the T&L Group now.

What are we doing now?

Coming off the 2010 International Sakai Conference, the T&L Group is in the early stages of exploring new "centers of gravity" around which the whole group or sub-groups are interested in organizing and putting effort towards. Based on our call on June 23, 2010, we are now engaged in an open brainstorming process around several areas, please feel free to add your ideas in any or all of the following:

  1.  Improving Internal and External T&L Communication - Implement initiatives that will helps others in the community know what we're doing and how to get involved as well as help those in other teaching and learning groups outside of Sakai learn more about our efforts.
    1. Communication Brainstorming Page - Please add your thoughts, questions, concerns on this topic
  2. Sakai Learning Capabilities Design Lenses - There was discussion of moving this work into a more practical domain by engaging with some of the Sakai 3 efforts and applying the current lenses to some of the current and future work.  This effort would likely then inform a refining of the Lenses and a 2.0 release.
    1. Design Lenses Brainstorming Page - Please add your thoughts, questions, concerns on this topic
  3. Collaborating on Distance Learning Topics - There are a broad range of ideas around sharing best practices, faculty training and support materials related to distance learning as well as possible having faculty from different institutions engage in professional development (online) together.
    1. Sakai Distance Learning Brainstorming Page
  4. 2011 Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award - We plan to discuss this on our next call (see below for call information)
    1. Award Brainstorming Page -Please add your ideas
  5. OpenEdPractices Site - How can we improve the quality and usefulness of this site. We plan to discuss this on our next call (see below for call information)
    1. OpenEdPractices Brainstorming Page
  6. Bringing Students into the Community - We plan to discuss this on our next call (see below for call information)
    1. Student Engagement Brainstorming Page

We will be having regular weekly calls for the next several weeks with the goal of narrowing our focus to a few "centers of gravity" and developing work plans for each that map how we will work together.  Information on participating in our regular calls is below.


The Sakai Learning Capabilities v 1.0 document has been released. This document is the culmination of months of work by the Sakai Teaching & Learning Community via conference calls and virtual meetings. Discussions at the last conference were the catalyst for this work. Now we anticipate this work will be a catalyst for Sakai 3 design and development.

Past Teaching and Learning Group Initiatives
  • Instructional Visioning - Initiative to produce "tool/technology agnostic" visions of the types of instructional practices Sakai should facilitate and support.
  1. Instructional Visioning Proposal
    • UPDATE (11/12/09): We are currently documenting Learning Capabilities from a user-centric perspective in a Google Spreadsheet.
    • UPDATE (01/13/10):  We are Defining "Themes" and "Activity Workflows" for further development in the Virtual Working Session (see above), to extract guidance from the Learning Capabilities spreadsheet.
  2. Instructional Visioning Efforts (past formulations of teaching and learning requirements)

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T&L Conference Calls and Meetings

Call-In Information

Calls are currently taking place every Wednesday at 5 PM EDT (New York, USA).  To participate:

  • Dial 1-888-447-7153 (International callers: 1-719-387-1138)
  • Enter in passcode: 917798 (the hit #)
  • Listen to music until "moderator" starts the call
  • Need help? Call tech support at 1-877-807-0970

Agendas, Minutes and Notes from Past Calls and Meetings


  • NOTE: The T&L has been heavily engage in work on the Learning Capabilities since February.  Because of the detailed and specific nature of this work, we have not been actively taking meeting minutes/notes.  If you have questions about the current work please post to the T&L list.

Conference Calls' Archive

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