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  • Library & Sakai 3 Web Meeting-June 2010
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24 June 2010, 11:30am - 1pm Eastern, Sakai001 Conference Bridge (+1-812-856-7060/, Code: 22348#, PIN: 72524#)

Where We Are


  1. Introductions
  2. Thanks to all our collaborators!
  3. Feedback from the conference presentation
    1. Copyright: how can the system keep track of this? What might it look like to the end user or a copyright admin (i.e. a librarian)? Does Zotero do any copyright work?
    2. Metadata: collecting content from out on the web means lots of different content, lots of different metadata. How to standardize and manage?
    3. Citations: how do citations appear for various users? What are all the different ways in which users can interact with citations?
    4. Openness: how might the system surface open educational resources or tap into publicly accessible content from other Sakai systems around the world?
  4. Feedback from others in the community
    1. Cambridge, UK: very similar content management concepts; excited about the Bookmarklet concept as the missing piece; interested in collaboration
    2. NYU: collaborating with Cambridge for content management work in Sakai 3; piloting Sakai 3 soon; NYU's Sociable is related to the Bookmarklet
    3. HEC Montreal: have developed OpenSyllabus - a tool that allows instructors to create structured syllabi while including library resources (using the existing Citations Helper); looking to collaborate to take their work into Sakai 3
    4. Berkeley/Stanford: related concepts around content authoring; proponents of goal-directed design; continued collaboration
  5. Sakai 3 Updates
    1. Sakai 3 Managed Project announced: Sakai 3 to be released July 2011
    2. Sakai 3 Organization (Steering Committee, Roadmap, Team)
    3. Teaching & Learning Design Lenses
    4. What does this all mean for our project?
      1. Get involved with the Sakai 3 Managed Project - not entirely clear how other than formally contributing resources to the project...
  6. Next steps
    1. Continue discussions with collaborators in Sakai 3 community
    2. Start discussions about formally committing resources to Library & Sakai 3 Integration work for Sakai 3 at our own institutions, or, in partnership with other institutions
    3. Project Feedback Form
    4. Wiki gardening
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