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  • Sakai 2.6 fixes from Umeå University
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This is a list of Sakai 2.6 issues fixed or addressed by Umeå University (as tweeted on June 13, 2010)

Bug fixes

  • Messages: Localization issue makes all messages "disappear" (Patch: MSGCNTR-316)
    Switching to another language hides all messages - since new folders are created for each language.
  • Resources: Add Web Links (URL) - no limit to text-length (Patch: SAK-18680)
    Too long Website Name makes the link disappear (Solution: Added check and limitation to text-length for both Save and Edit)
  • Announcements: Bad calendar (Patch: SAK-18682)
    For example September can have 31 days when you type a start-date. Switches to 1st of October on save. 31st of February switches to 3d of March. Either change directly or to previous good date on save.
    We fixed in the latter way so it changes to the closest date before on save. Also the popup date-selector wasn't working properly. We fixed it.
  • Announcements: Availability strange behaviour (Patch: SAK-18683)
    'Availability'  is chosen by default and 'Specify date' with start and stop. Even if i change to 'Hide' or 'Show' and save. The selection jumps back to 'Specify date'.
    You'll have to uncheck 'Start' and 'Stop' before choosing 'Show' or 'Hide' to make it stay that way when saving. (Solution: Switching from 'Specify date' to 'Hide' or 'Show' also unselects 'Start' and 'Stop')
  • Forums: Posting in "old sites" crashes forums after upgrade to 2.6 (Patch: MSGCNTR-318)
    A missing column in SQL-script in the 2.6 upgrade of Forums makes the Forums crash when user adds a post!
  • Assignments: Resubmission could be misunderstood (Patch: SAK-18702)
    This is a really ugly fix to prevent students to mistakenly resubmitting blank assignments.
  • Melete: Resources are not copied with site (Patch: Mailed to
  • Test & Quizzes: Too long text problem (Patch: SAM-918)
    Too long text when adding a pool of questions prevents the question pool to be saved - fixed
  • Test & Quizzes: Editing question introduction fails to add attachment (Patch: SAM-919)
  • Test & Quizzes: Timed assessment hands in blank (Patch: SAM-920)
Eval Sys
  • EvalSys: unlikely limitation to mail-field in "Evaluation Notifications" (Patch: EVALSYS-946)
    When creating a new evaluation, I try to enter my mailadress a field called "Evaluation Notifications" it limits my input possibilities to 24 characters, which in most cases isn't enough. We changed this from 24 to 50.
  • Eval sys: Sort order for own vs. public templates + authorization issue (Patch: EVALSYS-947)
    When using the "shared templates"-feature it gets a bit messy and hard to find your own templates, since they haven't got highest priority in the lists' sorting order. This patch fixes that and puts your own templates in top of that list.
    The patch also includes a fix for an authorization issue that prevents you from sharing your templates publicly.
  • Questions with " gets escaped in list view (Patch: QNA-160)

WYSIWIG (FCK-editor)

  • FCK-editor: search doesn't work (Patch: SAK-18684)
    Missing definition in 'SelectionHighlight' which made the javascript stop.


  • Course information: Missing breadcrumbs in Resources (Patch: SAK-18679)
    If you're trying to "attach a file" to course information you end up in "Resources" and can browse for the file of your choice, but you can't step/back from the folders - the breadcrumbs are missing! (Solution: We added the breadcrumbs)
  • Forums: Mark topic as read (Patch: SAK-18681)
    Added the possibility to mark all posts in a topic as read with one click
  • Forums: More visible "New" (This was already a 2.6.2-fix)
    When a new post has been added it has a "New" image-tag attached to it make it more visible.
  • Polls: Other instructor can't see results (Patch: SAK-18685)
    The instructor who made the question can view the result without answering the question. Albeit other instructors, teaching assistants and students can't see without answering. We modified it so an instructor can grant access for other instructors to watch the result within the site - without answering.
  • Announcements: Old announcements "gone" (Patch: SAK-18686)
    Write out information about maximum age of announcements in announcements (default setting - if you don't change it in the settings - is 10 days). Added new text in the header "Announcements (viewing announcements from the last {dd} days)"
  • Announcements: File-size for URL-attachment (Patch: SAK-18699)
    If you click the button Add attachment from the form Add Attachments form, you can either choose to browse for a resource or type in a URL. If you do the latter, the URL will show a file-size. We don't need that since that makes you believe it's a file and not a link.This nearly clearly is a bug.
  • Resources: unknown protocol RTSP (Patch: SAK-18700)
    The rtsp-protocol i not recognized by the Resource-manager
  • Assignments: Post/create date for attached file (Pach: SAK-18701)
    A wished for feature is to see the creation date for attached files in the assignment tool. The teacher can see multiple attached files submitted by a student, but if the studen submits them with the sam name there is no date stamp visible for each file, that makes it easy for the teacher to figure out which file is the newest. The patch prints out the creation date for the file.
  • Test & Quizzes: Removed preconfigured tests and quick creation (Patch: SAM-921)
    Since teachers keep missing out on the settings (ALL THE TIME) when making tests, i.e. making tests that are anonymous when they wanna be able to grade them, setting up timed tests that fails to save cause no time limit is set etc etc We decided to remove the possibility to not make your own settings. We removed preconfigured tests and quick creation button. Only thing left: Name a test and create it > Do your settings before publish. The fix is divided into three parts.
Eval Sys
  • Eval Sys: Added mean value to result compilation (Patch: EVALSYS-948)
    Teachers request. Added mean value to the result compilation - this fix applies to questions that uses Rating scale and Multiple Choice . Multiple choice could generate gibberish but rating scales are adequate.
    The fix generates mean values both for the html and the PDF.

To be continued...

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  1. Actually, I thought there would be more fixes to post... I think I'll stop there for now. As it turns out: a big part of our fixes are either very local or something we borrowed from someone who'd already fixed it. The Upgrade itself fixed a lot of things too (2.5 --> 2.6 as well as some tool upgrades such as Melete). A thing I can warmly recommend to all of you(wink) I wouldn't be surprised if some of these contributed fixes are already fixed by someone else. So: period.

    p.s. There were some fixes to the wiki, some enhancements to section info and worksite setup as well. But if you are interested - please get in touch we'll se what we can do.