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  • Subversion installation (2.x)
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The Sakai Community uses Apache Subversion (SVN) as its source control management (SCM) system. We recommend SVN version 1.6.5+. You can obtain binary packages for a variety of operating systems (Mac, Windows and several flavors of Unix). If you plan on checking out Sakai source from our SVN repository you will need to install a Subversion client. For a listing see:

If no binaries are available for your platform, get the source and use the configuration options --with-ssl and --with-libs.

Extract the distribution archive into your installation directory of choice, e.g. /opt/subversion/. Confirm that you have installed the correct version of SVN by issuing svn --version from the command line.

svn --version
svn, version 1.6.9 (r901367)
   compiled Jan 25 2010, 22:25:43
. . . .
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