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Title: Teaching And Learning Show & Tell (Pre-Conference)


Robin Hill, University of Wyoming; Mathieu Plourde, University of Delaware; Rob Coyle, Johns Hopkins University


Multiple Audiences

Date, Time, Room:

Monday, Jun 14, 13:00-17:00, Grand Mesa A


Practical experiences and concrete techniques spark interest and involvement, as well as demonstrate aspects of the software that might be otherwise neglected. They serve as appetizers to both newcomers and old hands in the Sakai teaching and learning community, giving them ideas and suggesting focus for the subsequent sessions. For the afternoon of the pre-conference day, June 14th, we will collect volunteer submissions of 15-20 minutes each, and assemble their materials into one presentation and website. We will request that participants bring something to offer the attendees-- a help sheet, a screen shot or illustration, a configuration file, a link to a helpful web page. Both instructors and instructional designers are invited to share answers to questions such as: * What enhancement have you made to Sakai out-of-the-box? * What teaching practice have you finally been able to implement? * What teaching problem have you solved with Sakai? * What special request or situation have you accommodated with Sakai? We will invite audience participation, subject to the completion of the each volunteer speaker's segment.