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BaseContentService returns non-URL-encoded URLs ( KNL-213 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

A number of BaseContentService methods return URLs that are not URL-encoded, thus breaking on filenames with characters that require encoding. For example, uploading a syllabus attachment with a filename such as räksmörgås.txt will result in a 404 error when clicking on the file link. This issue has been addressed in the upcoming 2.7.0 release. See also SAK-17459 - Getting issue details... STATUS , SAK-16564 - Getting issue details... STATUS and SAK-13532 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Uploading a file using the Attachments helper loads the body into memory ( SAK-16838 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

Currently uploading files using the attachments helper loads the file into memory. Under certain conditions this can lead to out of memory errors. The issue has been addressed in the upcoming 2.7.0 release and a 2.6.x patch is available. The patch is included as an attachment to ( SAK-16838 - Getting issue details... STATUS ).

Performing Oracle long -> clob conversions can result in invalid/unusable indexes ( SAK-16553 - Getting issue details... STATUS , ORA-01502)

Performing datatype conversions from long to clob by direct load or by a DDL operation can result in invalid or unusable indexes. To fix this problem, Oracle recommends the following: DROP the specified index or REBUILD the specified index or REBUILD the unusable index partition. The SELECT statement below will return a set of ALTER index statements of any indexes with a status or invalid or unusable. If ALTER statements are returned, run them to rebuild any affected indexes.

-- Detect and repair indexes in an invalid state ORA-01502
-- Run this select, if there are any problems with the indexes, run the alter index statements that it generates.

select 'alter index '||index_name||' rebuild online;' from user_indexes where status = 'INVALID' or status = 'UNUSABLE';

-- After this you may need to re-gather table stats on the tables with an invalid index (likely just mailarchive)

Collect stats using analyze table /your_table_name/ compute statistics; or DBMS_STATS.gather_tables_stats();.

Form schema validation can cause errors in Portfolio templates ( SAK-15909 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

Sakai 2.5 allowed forms to be defined with schemas that include invalid element names. These forms could not be used for artifacts, but could be referenced by Portfolio templates without errors. As of Sakai 2.6, the schemas are validated more consistently. If there is a form defined in a system that is upgraded to 2.6, this new validation will cause errors when attempting to use a Portfolio template referencing one of these invalid forms. An error can also occur if user attempts to complete one of these forms.

Most installations will not be affected by this problem. However, there is work underway to provide a utility to identify any invalid forms so that they may be repaired. This utility is planned to be available for the 2.6.1 release or before.

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