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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 03-25-2010
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Sakai Accessibility Working Group Teleconference Meeting Minutes from March 25, 2010

Meeting notes taken by Mary Stores


  • Eli Cochran, UC Berkley
  • Gonzalo Silverio, MSU
  • Joe Humbert IUPUI
  • Brian Richwine, IUB
  • Mary Stores, IUB

Jira Ticket Resolution

  • Gonzalo has been busy reviewing owner manager.
  • Eli rearranged some things in the issues list. Most issues are in the verify fix.
  • Testing should be done according to verification of things fixed in 2.7. Example: 11423 resolved in verify/fix. The status says closed, which means it has been merged in 2.7x.
    • Look under action verify fix list and under Sakai 2.7 x status, if it's closed, it should be in 2.7.
    • If it says merge, it has not been merged yet.
  • There are still a bunch of issues that are action required, still need reviewed or patches need to be applied or patches have been applied under other Jira numbers.
  • Items listed under Apply patch theoretically have a fix.
    • Ticket #11661 has a patch that has been applied.
    • Ticket #12822 is fixed, so by fixing that, all those having to do with messages in Gradebook should be fixed.
  • Ticket #11671 page order tool is listed as resolved.
  • Regarding Blogger bugs 16211 and 16210, the University of Lancaster theoretically owns blogger, but they aren't interested in fixing it. The issue is unlabeled form fields for 16211. Gonzalo will contact the last committer to that project.
  • Gonzalo will attach a patch to 16210.
  • FCK editor issues will not be resolved.
  • Select menu options: a mechanism needs to be decided, but not for this release. Work on this after the release is out.
  • Brian and Mary will go through the list of Verify Fix issues.
  • Brian should ask Alan Berg what the procedure is. Even though the tickets are closed, they can still be fixed.
  • Verify fix has priority over the other issues, but if there is time, Mary and Brian will look at the other ones.
  • Depending on schedule, Gonzalo has time to be on call and can help. Preferred contact method is Skype.

Regarding Sakai Conference in June

  • For conference, it would be good to cover a general accessibility review of Sakai 3. Eli will ask the people at Cambridge to see what areas are evolved enough to be worthwhile viewing.
  • There is a stable version of Sakai 3 that Eli will send the URL to. so we can begin reviewing Sakai 3.
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