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  • Site Stats, the power of event tracking at a single click in Sakai.
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Site Stats, the power of event tracking at a single click in Sakai.


Being able to track events it is crucial for site management and also for student tracking. SiteStats is the Sakai tool offered to cover these needs. It has been designed and developed mainly by Nuno Fernandes, from Universidade Fernando Pesoa (Portugal) and since its first version it has evolved so much. The session will focus its attention in SiteStat 2.0, which integrates with Sakai 2.6.x and will be structured as follows. Firstly, we will talk about why SST is need and will know its history and beginning. Then we will analyze SiteStats from three different point of view: end-user, through a list a new features; administrator, throught the explanation of how to install, configure and deploy SiteStats; and developer, studying how to add SiteStats support for Sakai tools. Finally, we will expose how to contribute with SST and answer any question attendees want to raise.


Nuno Fernandez (UFP) and David Roldán (UPV)

About Presenters

PhD. David Roldán Martínez graduated at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) as Telecommunication Engineer, Master at Enterprise Networks and System Integration and made his doctoral thesis is about e-learning strategy at Higher Education Institutions. Actually, he works at ASIC-UPV at PoliformaT, UPV Virtual Campus. Before, he worked as consultant in several organizations and taught Communication Technologies at the UPV. He has published more than books related with IT and several articles in IT especialized press and maganizes.

Nuno Fernandes is a Software Developer with 9 years of Java experience. Currently working at University Fernando Pessoa, he has been involved with Sakai development and its local implementation (branded as UFPUV) since December 2005. His current responsibilities include UFPUV deployment, local QA, maintenance, support, localization, internal services integration, bugfixes and implementation of new features and tools. Recent work with Sakai involves Java, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Velocity, Apache Wicket, HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies. In June 2008, he was awarded Sakai Fellow 2008 at the 9th Sakai Conference in Paris, an international aknowledge of the quality of the contributions to the Sakai community.

Presentation Materials

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