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  • My students and shared resources. Design of a Student supervision tool.
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My students and shared resources. Design of a Student supervision tool.


In this preserntation UFP will show the last tool implemented in UFP to supervise students


Feliz and Luis Gouveia, Nuno Fernandes (UFP)

About Presenters

Feliz Gouveia is a member of the team of the eLearning project at UFP, and a Computer Science professor at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Being in charge of the eLearning initiative at UFP, his team has been working on several tools focused on learning and collaboration, and on integration efforts to improve the use of the Sakai platform at UFP, where users voted it the most valuable and used academic service.

Nuno Fernandes is a Software Developer with 9 years of Java experience. Currently working at University Fernando Pessoa, he has been involved with Sakai development and its local implementation (branded as UFPUV) since December 2005. His current responsibilities include UFPUV deployment, local QA, maintenance, support, localization, internal services integration, bugfixes and implementation of new features and tools. Recent work with Sakai involves Java, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Velocity, Apache Wicket, HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies. In June 2008, he was awarded Sakai Fellow 2008 at the 9th Sakai Conference in Paris, an international aknowledge of the quality of the contributions to the Sakai community.

Presentation Materials


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