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As part of the normal release cycle, marcom tasks include:

  1. creating announcements of both
    1. the new release itself
    2. any deprecation of EOL'd versions (this may require pre-announcements of impending EOL 6-months prior to scheduled release date)
  2. appropriate posting of announcements (when and coordinating when)
    1. on the maillist(s)
    2. on the website
    3. including all the collateral documentation on the wiki
      1. dev docs
      2. end-user docs
    4. blogs (foundation, personal)
  3. any website changes in addition to just the announcement
    1. download/try it buttons
    2. new feature highlights
      1. screenshots with text
      2. screencasts
      3. associated slideshows
      4. videos
  4. any formal press releases
    1. post press release text on website as target for links
    2. release through formal PR channels when appropriate (probably via member institution)
  5. gather any testimonials/quotes on new release/new features for use in marcom
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  1. You should turn this into a set of jira tasks that can be reused for each release.