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  • SAK-16751 conversion script update, 22 July 2009 (2.6.0)
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SAK-16751 - Comment out site.add.course backfill SQL Closed : John Leasia of the University of Michigan reports an issue with the 2.6.0 conversion scripts with respect to the new permission site.add.course. Currently, the conversion script adds site.add.course to the user account template realms with a .auth role (good) but also "backfills" and adds the permission to other templates since the backfill SQL filters on all realms with a .auth role. The account template realms are all that should be updated since these templates are used for all accounts associated with the template (all registered accounts, all sample accounts, etc.). Since users do not have their own realm that determines whether or not they can add a site or add a course site backfilling is unnecessary and adding site.add.course to all template realms with a .auth role may not square with an institution's permission strategy.

We have commented out this portion of the script and committed the changes to trunk and the 2.6.x maintenance branch. We recommend that users run the updated 2.6.x conversion scripts.







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