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  • 01_12_2010 Evalsys Team Meeting (Sakai Bridge 002)
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01_12_2009 EVALSYS Team Meeting


  • Sean DeMonner, U-M
  • John Leasia, U-M
  • Sabrina Crawford
  • Ellen Borkowski
  • Tom Head, Virginia Tech
  • Jim Eng
  • Dick Ellis
  • Charles Hedrick
  • Joe Delany


1. Continue review of U-M merge Jiras:

  • Finalization of import/export schema (URL pending -- Jim?)
    • U-M will move forward on implementing this as spec'ed
  • Discussion of timing of U-M merges (Summer Production release; merge by Fall?)
    • will focus on local needs first; then move to merge activities, ideally over the summer

2. Getting to 1.2.2 (what should be included, timelines, etc....)

  • Pending merges from other institutions?
    • Hierarchy work pending from Maryland; likely over the next year
  • UI refactoring for/after 1.2.2 tag? Usability issues, particularly of admin interface?
    • UI refactoring is not on critical path
      • Sakai Admin is a desirable feature for smaller, more distributed schools
    • Performance issues may be (Rutgers My Surveys)
      • Charles Hedrick to create Jira and include patches
    • Cape Town has made some enhancements to UI; Ellen to check QA 6 and report out
  • Feature freeze & QA period, resources
  • Need technical/merge coordination meeting?

3. Other items:

  • EVALSYS on QA6:
  • Work on Confluence to organize feature sets & documentation
  • Progress on product/project management  coordination effort?
  • Conference planning: Presentation / BoF?
    • Sabrina to start top 10 questions and gather
    • Charles: need to identify basics concepts and questions that need to be answered before using the tools
    • Ellen: willing to organize a webinar

Action Items:

  • See above
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