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Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award 2010 Planning

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are in the midst of our sponsor search for the support level. If your company or a company with which you have a contact might be interested,
Sponsorship plan and potential sponsors' table are a scroll away on this page.  Please contact Michael Korcuska at  or Mary Miles at

2010 Committee

Subject: Call for award committee members

The Sakai Teaching and Learning Group is forming the 2010 Award Committee to oversee this year's Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award. Each of the past two years we've had a strong applicant pool and selected two outstanding finalists. If you missed the winners' 2009 presentations in Boston, you can watch Andrea Crampton at and Edith Sheffer at

If you would like to view last year's entries they are available on the web site The evaluation rubric used for the award is located at

We hope to continue the success of 2008 and 2009 and are looking for committee members that represent many different groups within our community, so please don't hesitate to sign up even if you don't have a teaching and learning background. Please contact Kate Ellis or Susan Roig if you are interested in working with us.

Thank you for your support,

Sue Roig
TWSIA 2010 Committee Co-Chair
Director Academic Technology
Claremont Graduate University
150 E. Tenth Street, Claremont, CA 91711

Kate Ellis
TWSIA 2010 Committee Co-Chair
Indiana University Bloomington
Instructional Technology Consultant
Teaching and Learning Technologies Center
1320 E. Tenth St, Bloomington, IN 47405


NOTE:  The TWSIA Committee will meet twice monthly - time and day will be determined by group. 






Susan Roig

Claremont Graduate University

Director Academic Technology

Co-Chair of the TWSIA '10

Kate Ellis

Indiana University Bloomington

Instructional Technologies Consultant

Co-Chair of the TWSIA '10

Josh Baron

Marist College

Director, Academic Technology and eLearning

Sakai Board Liaison

Janet de Vry

University of Delaware

Manager, IT-User Services

2008 Chair

Add your name here










































Add your name here





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TWSIA10 Timeline


tentative date(s)

confirmed date(s)

Official announcement

Educause, Denver CO
Novemebr 4-8, 2009

Online application becomes available

Nov. 30, 2008


Application process closes


Orientation for committee for voting process


Committee review of applications begins


Committee review, deadline

Committee conference call to select finalists


Finalists selected, interviews arranged


Technology orientation for finalists and judges


Web conferences with finalists


Winner Announced



Sakai Conference


June 2010










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Sponsorship Plan

Leader Level Sponsorship
Expected contribution: $5,000
                               Executive-level participation in the judging and selection process
                               Permission to place TWSIA award logo on company web site with information regarding winners (e.g. proud sponsor of the TWSIA...)
                               Sign to place at vendor booths noting sponsorship of the TWSIA
                               Your name associated with the Award on every occasion (The 2010 TWSIA, sponsored by ___).
                               Your name associated with the first place prize.
                               Your name and logo with a link to a web page of your choice on the TWSIA call for submissions page.
                               Your logo in predominance with on the TWSIA flyer.
                               Your logo in predominance with on the TWSIA poster.
                               Your name and logo on a slide at the opening remarks of the next Sakai conference.
                               A mention of your contribution by the executive director of the Sakai Foundation during the opening remarks of the next Sakai conference.
                               The opportunity to have a stand to present your products/services during the poster session at the next Sakai Conference.
                               Your name on any plaque, certificate, or trophy given to winners and participants to the award.
                               Your participation highlighted in at least two press releases from the Sakai Foundation (one announcing the award, another announcing the winners)
Supporter Level Sponsorship
Expected contribution: $2,000
                               Your name associated with the Award on every occasion (The 2010 TWSIA, sponsored by ___).
                               Your name associated with another prize, in partnership with another sponsor (the second place award, sponsored by __ and __)
                               Your name and logo with (without links to web pages) on the TWSIA call for submissions page.
                               Your logo with on the TWSIA flyer.
                               Your logo with on the TWSIA poster.
                               Your logo on a slide at the opening remarks of the next Sakai conference.
                               A mention of your contribution by the executive director of the Sakai Foundation during the opening remarks of the next Sakai conference.
                               Your name on a plaque, certificate, or trophy given to the winner of your associated award.
                               Your participation highlighted in at least one press release from the Sakai Foundation (announcing the winners).
Contributor Level Sponsorship
Expected contribution: Anything under $2,000
                               Visibility to be negotiated.

List of Sponsors to be Approached

Enter your ideas/actions here. Make sure you send an email to Josh and Sue with any progress.


Who's Contacting Them?

Company Contact Person

Why this sponsor would be a good fit?






Last year's sponsor.

Leader-level sponsor.





Supporter Level




David Wu

Currently integrating w/ Sakai











Giunti Labs














Mike Zackrison

Sakai CA, active in the community

Supporter Level









Content of our Plan (tentative)

  1. Front Page
  2. Table of Content
  3. What is Sakai?
  4. What is the TWSIA?
  5. Profile of our Last Year's Award and Winners
  6. Letter of Support from the Sakai Board or Executive Director
  7. A Word From the 2009 Committee
  8. Profile of the Sakai Community and Target Audience of the Award
  9. Tentative Budget|TWSIA10 Planning and Required Sponsorship Contribution
  10. Levels of Sponsorship and Expected Exposure
  11. Committee Members and Contact Information

NOTES from 2008 Debrief:

  • Updates/changes to application process on
    •  Do we need to change the application itself
      • Allow for easier screenshots
      • Address issues of setting word count
    • Should we re-think OpenEdPractices in terms of how things are entered and displayed? UI changes?
      • Could we use this for capturing "functional visioning" or other use cases
      • How could we make the information more useful to developers and designers
      • Look at workflow and how it might be improved in terms of improving interactions between developers/designers
      • Could be used locally for institutions to record best practices
      • End-user-support might be interested in using it as well, they are interested in engaging more on T&L issues/needs
      • John will talk with Nate about improvements
  • Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award feedback
    • How do we encourage folks who are not extreme innovators to submit award application
      • Should we create an "exemplary" category that provided a lower bar
        • We could use the current rubric but not ask for significant innovation
        • Sloan has an award that is aimed at "effective practice"
    • We could consider bringing student from the 1st and 2nd place winners classes to the conference
      • This would be great for ePortfolio projects
    • We only had two active judges this year but had wanted three
      • Maggie Lynch may be interested in being third judge
      • Keep Karen and Ken if they are interested
      • We would not have an international representative, but we could try and get folks involved in the first round of judging
        ***Moving some of the work to the Foundation
      • Getting the word out internationally has been a challenge, Foundation could likely get the word out better
      • Sue would be open to chair but could also co-chair
  • Pre-conference workshop
    • We might want to shift the focus from a lot of short presentations to a few in depth hands-on activities
    • Workshop on how to create a course and leverage tools for innovation
    • Approaches would be grounded in teaching and learning theory
      • Problem-based courses, active learning, student-centered, etc.
    • We need to consider the audience, are the faculty or instructional technologist/designers

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