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Sakai 3 ePortfolio (UM)

High Level Portfolio Requirements

Feature reviews

Digication (

  • workflows
  • portfolio presentations (user banner, select templates, page widgets/modules,

NYU Memory Palace


Evernote (


Angel Learning (

  • Student Tools
    • Multiple File Types (documents, spreadsheets, sound recordings, photos, video clips)
    • Blogging capabilities (for self-evaluation or reflection)
    • RSS feeds - stream blogs that instructors and others can subscribe to
    • Rubrics - present visual representations of progress towards individual goals
    • Document Sharing - publicly or password-protected sharing of eportfolio
    • Publish ePortfolios using templates (e.g. blog, resume, assessment, general purpose)
    • Sharing  (this sounds weak: "private" setting means the URL is not published, but not protected either)
    • Find by Course, Name, or "Shared with me"
  • Instructor & Assessment Tools
    • Optionally require specified template, complete a separately created 'achievement exercise)
    • Set Achievement exercise due dates
    • Provide (unstructured) feedback 
    • Create custom rubrics and allow students to associate artifacts with objectives
    • Reporting showing learner progress (e.g. number of artifacts, rubric ratings), track activity (logins, publicationviews, postings, modifications, artifacts uploaded/associated, blog postings), aggregation (by course, school, dept, entire campus)
    • Export Reporting results to PDF or CSV

PebblePad (

  • Create, edit, review digital "assets"
  • Tools for creating WebCV, Weblog, Webfolio
  • Share, publish (to a gateway), export, print eportfolios
  • View, comment, copy, collaborate

Digo (

  • Highlight & add 'sticky notes' to pages
  • Archive to PDF format
  • Tag and search
  • create interactive slideshow
  • Search titles, tags, annotations, full text
  • Share & Collaborate: Threaded discussions

EtherPad (

  • Real-time collaborative editing
  • Versioning and 'undo' functionality
  • Edits highlighted in author's colors

Content Management System (e.g. Drupal/Joomla/Plone)

  • Create any number of page
  • Link Pages
  • Style pages with pre-defined 'themes' 
  • Authorization management
  • No labels