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  • 09_24_2009 Evalsys Team Meeting (Sakai Bridge 002)
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09_24_2009 EVALSYS Team Meeting

  • Sean DeMonner, U-M
  • Jim Eng, U-M
  • Dick Ellis, U-M
  • Rick, UMD
  • Tom, Virginia Tech


1. Continue review of U-M merge Jiras:

2. Pending merges from other institutions

3. Next steps:

  • feature freeze & QA period (there's been recent mention of tagging eval-1.2.2.  What should be included, timelines, etc....)
  • next technical/merge coordination meeting
  • progress on product/project management  coordination effort?

Action Items:

Stephen: Will work on Confluence to organize feature sets & documentation [from last meeting]

All: Carry over discussion of usability of tool

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