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  • Library & Sakai 3 Web Meeting-Sept 2009
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17 Sept 2009, 11:30am - 1pm EDT, Sakai002 Conference Bridge (+1-812-856-7060/, Code: 350#, PIN: 72524#)

Where We Are

Meeting Goals

  • Define a user interview research question
  • Define the user interviewing process


  1. Introductions
  2. Reviewing the user interviewing process
  3. Defining a user interview research question: Library & Sakai 3 Problem & Vision
    1. What users and activity do we want to focus on in user interviews?
  4. Next Steps: organizing user interviews
    1. Coordinating interviewers: sakai-user? New listserv? Sakai/Google group? Other?
  5. Final Questions and Comments

Meeting Notes

In attendance



Jim Eng

University of Michigan

Keli Amann

Stanford University

Kalee Sprague

Yale University

Awa Diop

HEC Montreal

Pascale Blanc

HEC Montreal

Jean-Yves Cote

HEC Montreal

Sylvain Champagne

HEC Montreal

Eileen Schnur

US Naval Postgraduate School

Jon Dunn

Indiana University

Mark Notess

Indiana University

Steve Smail

Indiana University

Deborah Kolah

Rice University

Leah Krevitz

Rice University

Paola Bongiovani

Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina

Leigh Mantle

Mount Holyoke

Sean DeMonner

University of Michigan

Susan Hollar

University of Michigan

Gaurav Bhatnagar

University of Michigan

Apologies if I've missed anyone or misspelled any names! Please do add yourself or edit your name!


Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to the meeting! We made a lot of progress and are ready to move forward with beginning the multi-institutional user interviewing process with seven institutions committed and three more very interested.

At the meeting we:

  • Decided the overarching research question for our user interviews should be:
    • Why and how do instructors use scholarly resources while preparing and conducting their courses?
    • Though library and Sakai integration effects students, librarians, instructional designers and others at institutions, we decided this focus on instructors and their course activities would be a great place to start our research efforts. We may decide to take on another user group and activity to study based on how this first round goes.
  • Agreed upon a user interviewing timeline and process
    • The examples in the user interviewing and process documentation need to be modified to express the above research question, formalized to be used in the actual interviewing process and reviewed by our group of interviewers. The Data Analysis Group is responsible for this work.
  • Collected a list of all those interested in participating in the Data Analysis Group and Interviewer Group.

Next steps include:

Our next meeting will be 15 October. This meeting will be used primarily to share updates on how the interviewing process is going and any modifications that need to be made at that time.

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