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Weekly OSP Conference Call

The regular weekly meeting conference call starts on Mondays at 15:00 GMT (in the USA it's 11:00am EDT/8:00am PDT).

The Indiana University audio bridge is reserved for this meeting:

Phone Number: (317) 278-7008
PIN: 372215#

Breeze Meeting Room for Live Demos:

Standing Agenda for Weekly OSP Conference Call

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status
    • 2.6 QA Testing Status
    • SAK-16536 Free-form Portfolio Tool Stack Trace on Add Page
    • SAK-15909 Creating Portfolio Template throws stack trace (with invalid schema)
    • SAK-16557 Indexes are missing on OSP tables with Oracle
    • SAK-16591 Inconsistent evaluator selection options between Wizard main page and subpages

  2. Proposed for Sakai 2.6 inclusion
    • SAK-13810 Add description to XML provided for form rendering - John & Stephen did a bunch of work, incorporate?
    • SAK-14867 Matrix Owner name confuses students
    • SAK-15748 Add owner name information to form metadata for view renderer use
    • SAK-15862 Portfolio Share notification should set reply-to in email
    • SAK-15911 Cannot tell result of Form save attempt - disallows autosave

  3. Sakai/OSP 2.7 and beyond Development Status
    • SAK-16691 OSP Permissions crash
    • SAK-14165 Portfolio assembly is slow with many completed Forms
    • SAK-16608 List of presentations needs to differentiate between 'shared' and 'public' portfolios
    • SAK-16610 Create "Review" option allowing authorized users to review all portfolios
    • SAK-12922 Configuring OSP to run successfully without autoddl enabled
    • Merge to Trunk Status: Indiana University Matrices Enhancements
      • SAK-15822 In Matrices, "manage status for all users" only changes current user
      • SAK-16261 Make the Manage Status function in Matrices and Wizards Group Aware

  1. General Issues & Status Updates
  2. On Deck:#* Schedule demo of possible tweaks to portfolio-template tool, by CMaurer and WTrillich

Minutes from OSP Face-to-Face Meetings

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