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Sakai 3.0.0 Milestone 1 (Demo Release)

Sakai 3.0.0 Milestone 1 has been released for demonstration and evaluation purposes only. This release has not been subjected to any formal Quality Assurance (QA) testing, and should not be used in production. It offers an opportunity to experience some of the initial and exciting User Experience (UX) work targeted at Sakai 3. It does not yet fully illustrate the reorganization of content and tool functionality that realizes the "everything is content" vision for Sakai 3. Those capabilities will be furthered with the switch to using Sakai Kernel 2 in the coming weeks. (This milestone release is still based on Sakai Kernel 1, which is the same as used in the current Sakai 2 series of releases.)

What you see in this milestone release will continue to evolve significantly as work progresses and feedback is provided. In its final form Sakai 3 will end up significantly different from Sakai 2.

The main goals of this milestone release are to:

  • catalyze community discussion and interest in helping further the design and development of Sakai 3 capabilities, and
  • support user-testing of some of the initial Sakai 3 designs and conceptual approaches

For more information on Sakai 3 in general, a good starting place is the 3akai page. (If you don't wish to build and run this milestone release yourself, then you can give it a try on the 3akai demo server, though this server is rebuilt from time-to-time so your content may not persist.)