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Since my last posting on Contrib Projects in Sakai there have been several more that have gotten off the ground. Contrib projects are tools being built for Sakai outside of the regular release, as they often represent new ideas and code that are still being designed and developed, and which aren't necessarily ready for broad, robust, production deployment. As the concepts mature, the tools solidify, and the community gains interest and experience in using them, they may move on to being Provisional or Core projects and be included in future releases of Sakai.

  • Roleplay: A tool to manage user aliases being developed at the University of Capetown (UCT). It allows a user to have an alias displayed as their name in a specific context different from the user's Sakai-wide name. For example, a Trade Bargaining course might use a Sakai site where students are assigned to represent different countries. For the duration of the course they represent that country in all activities within the course, voting, chatting, discussing, etc., and the activities are all labeled as being carried out by their country name alias, rather than their regular Sakai name.
  • Q&A (Questions and Answers): A tool being developed by UNISA and UCT, which enables students to ask questions anonymously, and which can be answered anonymously by other other students or lecturers or tutors (instructors/TAs). Questions are ranked by their popularity and can also be organized into categories and tagged. Q&A builds on experiences from two existing tools: UNISA's FAQ tool and UCT's DFAQ tool.
  • Sign-Up: An effort being led by Yale University to gather requirements on and build a tool that allows users to organize office hours, review sessions, study groups and similar activities.
  • Textbook: A tool to facilitate students' buying and selling of textbooks from each other being developed at the University of Michigan.
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