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Contrib: SakaiAdminX


SakaiAdminX is a web application that seeks to simplify and ease Sakai administrative tasks.

Using SakaiAdminX you can:

  • create and delete sites (either blank or based on templates)
  • edit sites (title, skin, site icon, type, contact details etc)
  • add and remove users with different degrees of permissions
  • search for users
  • manage people that have 'admin' or 'helpdesk' access to all sites.

SakaiAdminX introduces more levels of administrative permissions to Sakai which allows a single Sakai environment to be used for multiple institutions or clients. This is achieved through the concept of 'clients', where each client has a set of sites attached to it - with their own branding/look and feel. Each client also has its own admin/helpdesk users who have access to all sites attached to that client.

You also get a helpdesk user, which has access to all sites like an admin user and you assign users to be helpdesk users giving them access to all sites, much like the admin user works in Sakai at present.

The main function of SakaiAdminX revolves around the 'Site Profile'. This is a place where all editing of the site takes place, ie title, skin, icon, contact details, as well as adding and removing users. All done with far less clicks than the existing Sakai interfaces, and all done on the one screen. The Site Profile is easily extensible, so if you need additional functionality, just plug it in!

SakaiAdminX can also be deployed separate to Sakai itself, or sitting alongside the rest of the Sakai webapps as it makes use of a vastly extended set of webservices written for Sakai.

SakaiAdminX includes a single sign on from SakaiAdminX to your existing Sakai installation, and can be CASified easily (instructions included).

Contributor(s): (Lancaster University)

How to get it

SakaiAdminX is not yet ready for deployment
The taglibrary and webapp will run but the supporting Quartz jobs are not yet finished. If you want to help out, please let me know, otherwise, keep an eye on this page for more info.

Grab the code from SVN:
I recommend you check-out trunk. It has the latest code and bugfixes and is generally very stable. Down the track there will be packaged releases. Also, please read the Installation Guide below.

More information

SakaiAdminX module status



Create/delete sites


Site deletion


Site profile


Edit site title


Edit site skin


Edit site icon (image in top left hand corner above the tool list)


Add/remove client-admin users


Add/remove client-helpdesk users


Add/remove super-admin users


Add/remove super-helpdesk users


Create/delete users


Query users


SQL ddl for installation


Quartz bundle to complement admin/helpdesk and client services


CAS instructions


Internationalisation (ie resource bundles)

(grey lightbulb)

Taglib builds under Maven2


Webapp builds under Maven2


RESTful url to export site list for given user


key to feature list






in progress

(grey lightbulb)

on the list but not started yet

(thumbs up)


Extending SakaiAdminX

SakaiAdminX is built to be modular and as such it is very simple to add additional functionality. An SIS Integration is very simple - for instance, if your SIS can be searched for unit codes via a webservice say, you could add these unitcodes to the site (additional DB table required but again, very simple), and then have a quartz script to run over the DB table and communicate with your SIS updating the site list as required. This could easily slot in the Site Profile.

Note: This particular integration has already been done for another implementation so if you would like more information, or would like this SIS module created for you, contact the author of SakaiAdminX:

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