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  • Differences Between Assignments & Assignments 2
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Why use Assignments 2?

  • Modern web user interface
  • Assignment submission versioning
  • Powerful assignment workflow
  • Data stored in a relational database rather than XML.  This makes the tool easier to support and report against. 

  • Connects directly to the gradebook and doesn't keep grades and feedback in two places. 

  • Feature rich integrations with Turnitin, OSP and iRubric. 

What features does Assignments 2 not have that Assignments1 does?

The following table represents a discrete list of functionality (GAP analysis) that is missing from Assignments 2, when compared with functionality in Assignments.


Additional Notes
ASNN-528 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
ASNN-522 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
ASNN-524 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
ASNN-525 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
ASNN-526 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
ASNN-527 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
ASNN-518 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

ASNN-531 - Getting issue details... STATUS


ASNN-532 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ASNN-806 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
ASNN-808 - Getting issue details... STATUS Not yet in a Sakai release.  Slated for 2.10
ASNN-809 - Getting issue details... STATUS Not yet in a Sakai release. Slated for 2.10
ASNN-810 - Getting issue details... STATUS Not yet in a Sakai release. Slated for 2.10
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  1. At Oxford we are actively working on some of these existing gaps. I don't want to edit this table until we create new Jiras to link to, but it appears that the following gaps have not been listed (all apply to 'Add new assignment'):

    1. Ability for maintain role to Submit as Student
    2. Restore 'Grading System' (Not graded, letter mark, points etc)
    3. Restore 'Attachments' text and 'Add Attachments' button (rather than 'Supporting Materials' - 'Add' link)
    4. Replace 'Number of submissions' with what it was (Allow Resubmissions, then the quantity drop down list appears with a 'Resubmission Accept Until date)

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.

    Jill Fresen (


  2. Update on the Assignments2 pilot project at Oxford University:

    From Adam Marshall, Sakai Service Manager at Oxford: "... we've just done a pilot of Assignments 2 and even though it went down well we have decided to stick with Assignments 1 because there are too many missing features in the newer tool. We are intending to back-port the best bits of 2 to 1 such as the display of assigned groups alongside assignment titles. Our perception is that Assignments 2 is a dead end, despite the fact it is clearly a superior tool." (Email dated 6 March to TCC and dev sakai).

    From our Pilot Project Report:

    Benefits of Assignments2 (that are not in Assignments):

    1. Student can submit multiple files for a single assignment;
    2. Improved UI in the Assignments List - display of assigned groups; display of red 'rosette' icon to indicate Turnitin is used; the Turnitin similarity score is indicated in percentage form, as well as the usual colour-coded icon;
    3. Open-ended assignments are possible (both the Close Date and Accept Until Date are optional).

    Possible problems with Assignments:

    1. Performance issues with large numbers of students submitting (see SAK-23180).

    Jill Fresen


  3. Jill,

        The language was purposely changed from attachments to supporting materials.   Unless I'm missing something, that is just a design difference not a functional gap.

    Restore 'Attachments' text and 'Add Attachments' button (rather than 'Supporting Materials' - 'Add' link)

    1. Hi Megan

      Granted, it's a design difference, but how is it an improvement? A student is going to look for an attachment button (in the usual 'Attachment - Browse - Upload' process), and it's not clear what 'supporting materials' would mean to a student??


  4. Hi Jill

       Supporting materials is used in the instructor view  while there is 'Add Attachments' in the student view.   The thinking behind that is that an instructor will rarely attach just instructions. Any documents will be in addition to some instruction.

    The creation of A2 included extensive usability testing and these changes are a result of that.