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MISI, or the Multi-Institutional Survey Initiative, is a new endeavor between Sakai institutions to ask similar questions of instructors and students across Sakai implementations. Through this initiative, we hope to be able to compare and contrast similarities and differences between institutions as well as provide feedback to improve Sakai development in the future.

In order to accurately compare institutions, it is important to use the same survey questions as much as possible. To that end, the participating institutions have been working hard to arrive at a set of shared "core" survey items that will be used across institutions. These survey items were initially based on the annual Michigan surveys for their Sakai implementation, CTools.

Participation is voluntary. Each institution is responsible for obtaining human subjects approval (IRB) to conduct research, if required. Furthermore, institutions are encouraged, but not required or mandated to use the "core" set of survey questions or share them with the initiative. Michigan has offered to analyze the combined 2009 quantitative dataset. To limit variability, participating institutions are encouraged to administer their surveys online between April-May 2009.

Instructor core survey items

Student core survey items

10th Sakai Conference Presentation

Below are institutions (and contacts) who have indicated interest:


Contact Name(s)

Contact Email(s)

Akamai University

Douglass Capogrossi

Bradley University

Barb Kerns

Charles Sturt University (Australia)

Derek Sequeira

Columbia University

Maneesha Aggarwal

Georgia Institute of Technology

Stephen Rehberg

Harvey Mudd College

Joseph Vaughn

Marist College

Josh Baron
James Regan

Mount Holyoke College

Mary Glackin

Rice University

Angela Rabuck

Rutgers University

Gayle Stein

Stanford University

Keli Amann
Christine Doherty

Texas State University San Marcos

Salwa Khan
Michael Farris

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

David Roldán Martínez 

Universidade Fernando Pessoa (Portugal)

Feliz Gouveia

University of California, Berkeley

Lisa Rothrauff

University of Delaware

Mathieu Plourde
Dick Sacher

University of Limerick (Ireland)

Angelica Risquez

University of Michigan
(Ann Arbor & Dearborn campuses)

Steve Lonn

University of Missouri at Columbia

Dana Vessell

University of Windsor (Canada)

Anna Galka

University of Wyoming

Robin Hill

University of Virginia

Yitna Firdyiwek
Stephanie Conley

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  1. Will this initiative be repeated this year? If so, Delaware would be interested in participating.