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Getting Started

This page contains links to all the information a developer should need to get started developing tools and apps for Sakai. It contains a section on where to get more information and then links to take you from a Java programmer to a Sakai superstar (or something like that). If anything is missing or confusing please contact Aaron Zeckoski.

Where to get more information

  • Sakai foundation website - the main website for the Sakai foundation and Sakai project
    • Find information about upcoming Sakai conferences and other Sakai related news
    • Find out what schools are using Sakai
    • Figure out why it is called Sakai
  • Programmers Cafe
    • The best source of information for developers wanting to work in Sakai
    • Info you can find there:
      • Tutorials
      • Tips
      • Documentation
      • Sample code
  • Sakai Collab Server
    • The Sakai Collab server runs a current version of Sakai and provides a place for the community to collaborate using Sakai, demo Sakai, or try out tools
    • The collab server is also used to manage all the Sakai mailing lists and to manage some documentation
  • sakai-dev email list
    • The sakai-dev email list is a great place to ask development questions
    • How sign up for sakai-dev email list
      • Create account on Sakai Collab and login
      • Click Membership link on left
      • Click Joinable Sites link at top
      • Click Join link for DG: Development
    • Send email to the list at: (membership required)
  • Sakai Confluence
    • Sakai uses Confluence (an enterprise Wiki) to document projects and Sakai related activity
  • Sakai JIRA
    • Sakai uses JIRA (bug tracker) for issue and bug tracking related to Sakai development
  • Sakai source repository (SVN)
    • The Sakai source code is stored in a Subversion repository
    • Main Sakai source
      • Includes the entire Sakai source plus provisional tools
    • Sakai Contrib (community contributions)
      • Includes contributed source for various Sakai projects
  • Sakai release documentation
  • Eclipse Development Environment
    • The vast majority of Sakai developers use Eclipse for development
    • You can use other development environments but Eclipse has some advantages:
      • Supported (eclipse files in the Sakai code base)
      • Well understood (support docs and knowledge)
      • Extended tools (appbuilder plugin)
    • Can get commercial support if desired:

Actually Getting Started

  1. Development Environment Setup Walkthrough
    • Getting a good development environment setup is critical to working with Sakai code
      • Complete step by step instructions and various tips that will make developing in Sakai easier
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