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Full List of Confluence Spaces

The following list contains all Confluence Spaces for Sakai to which you have access. (If you are expecting to see a space listed below, but do not, please check that you are logged in.) Personal Confluence spaces can be located using the People Directory. You will find more information on many of these spaces in the Directory

Space: 10th Sakai Conference, 8-10 July 2009, Boston, MA, United States
Space: 2010 Sakai Annual Conference
Space: 2011 Sakai Annual Conference
Space: 3rd Sakai Conference (Community Source Week), Baltimore, MD, USA
3rd Sakai Conference (Community Source Week), Baltimore, MD, USA
Space: 5th Sakai Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada 30 May - 2 June 2006 (Community Source Week)
5th Sakai Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada 30 May 2 June 2006 (Community Source Week)
Space: 6th Sakai Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA 5-8 Dec 2006
6th Sakai Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA 58 Dec 2006
Space: 7th Sakai Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 12-14 June 2007
7th Sakai Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1214 June 2007
Space: 8th Sakai Conference, Newport Beach, CA, USA 3-7 Dec 2007
8th Sakai Conference December 2007
Space: 9th Sakai Conference, Paris, France, 1-3 July 2008
Space: Communauté Sakai française
Space: Conferences
Space: Confluence Dashboard
Space: Contrib: Adobe Connect
Space: Contrib: Agora
Space: Contrib: Assignments2
Space: Contrib: Batch User Creation
Space: Contrib: bigbluebutton
Space: Contrib: Blackboard Learning Environment Connector for Sakai
Space: Contrib: BlogWow
Space: Contrib: Breeze Link
Space: Contrib: CANS
Space: Contrib: Checklist
Sakai Discussion Group on GradTools/Checklist
Space: Contrib: cle-dav
Space: Contrib: cle-mobile
Space: Contrib: Clicker Registration
Space: Contrib: Clog
Space: Contrib: Clustering with Terracotta
Space: Contrib: Compilatio Antiplagiarism
Space: Contrib: Conditional Release
Space: Contrib: Configuration Viewer and Editor
This space describes the Configuration Viewer and Configuration Editor contrib tools.
Space: Contrib: Content Viewer
Space: Contrib: Course Homepage
Space: Contrib: Dashboard
Space: Contrib: Delegated Access
Space: Contrib: Electronic Course Layout & Presentation System (eCLPS)
n this space we intend to outline the process for setting up a Sakai instance to make available the interactive syllabus…
Space: Contrib: Elluminate
Space: Contrib: Email Template Service
Space: Contrib: Evaluation System
Space: Contrib: External Reporting Tool
Space: Contrib: Feed Tool
Space: Contrib: Floating Chat
Space: Contrib: Form Builder
Space: Contrib: Global Alert Messages
Space: Contrib: Goal Management
Sakai Contrib Project: Goal Management
Space: Contrib: Google Calendar
Space: Contrib: Group Manager
Space: Contrib: I10n-Stats
Tool for analyzing the status of the Sakai translations in the source repository.
Space: Contrib: iclicker
Space: Contrib: Icodeon SCORM Player Integration
Space: Contrib: Image Gallery
Space: Contrib: ImageQuiz
Space: Contrib: IMS Enterprise Services
Space: Contrib: IMSTI
The Sakai IMSTI project is an implementation of the IMS Tools Interoperability (TI) Guidelines, version 1.0 (February 20…
Space: Contrib: iTunesU
Space: Contrib: Knowledge Base
Space: Contrib: LAMS
Space: Contrib: Leaderboard
Space: Contrib: Learning Log
Space: Contrib: Learning Path
Space: Contrib: Lesson Builder
Space: Contrib: Live Virtual Classroom
Space: Contrib: MailArchive Wow!
Space: Contrib: Mneme
Space: Contrib: My Sakai
Space: Contrib: News Feeds
Space: Contrib: OCW
OCW Contrib Project
Space: Contrib: OODB
Space: Contrib: OpenMeetings
OpenMeetings Web conference is a tool that allows Sakai users to hold web conference events using an OpenMeetings server…
Space: Contrib: OpenSyllabus
Space: Contrib: QNA (Questions and Answers)
Space: Contrib: Recent Activity
Space: Contrib: Roleplay
Space: Contrib: Roster2
Space: Contrib: SakaiAdminX
Space: Contrib: Sakaibrary
Contrib: Sakaibrary
Space: Contrib: Sakai Groovy Shell
Space: Contrib: Sakai Installer
Space: Contrib: Sakai Kaltura
Space: Contrib: Sakai Maps
Space: Contrib: SCORM Player
A Sakai JSF tool (paraphrased and much abbreviated) from SCORM conformance requirements), be able to launch and sequence…
Space: Contrib: SENRG
Space: Contrib: Sign-Up
Space: Contrib: Simple Page Tool
Space: Contrib: Sitestats
The SiteStats tool allows authorized users to view site usage statistics.
Space: Contrib: Skin Manager
Space: Contrib: SMS
Space: Contrib: Solo (Offline Sakai)
The offline browser client consist of a AJAX application written in Java and compile to pure JavaScript using Google Web…
Space: Contrib: Sousa
Space: Contrib: Sparkline
Space: Contrib: Support Tool
Space: Contrib: Taggable
Space: Contrib: TelEduc-Tools
Space: Contrib: Textbook
Space: Contrib: Timeline
Space: Contrib: TransformAble
Space: Contrib: umusync
Space: Contrib: Urkund Antiaplariasm
Space: Contrib: User Activity
Space: Contrib: Wicket
Space: Contrib: Wimba Integration
Space: Contrib: Word-to-QTI Converter
Space: Contrib: Yaft
Space: DG: Development (Building Sakai)
The Building Sakai area is oriented towards the needs of designers, programmers, developers, and quality assurance membe…
Space: DG: Dutch Sakai
Space: DG: European Sakai Community
The collaboration site facilitates communications among those in Europe who are Sakai users, who are interested in Sakai…
Space: DG: Spanish Sakai
Space: DG: Strategy and Advocacy
Sakai DG: Strategy and Advocacy
Space: DG: Teaching and Learning
Sakai discussion group on Teaching and Learning.
Space: DG: User (Using Sakai)
The Using Sakai area is oriented towards the needs of teachers, instructors, researchers, collaborators, instructional t…
Space: Documentation
This space contains offical documentation on Sakai, while also exposing the revision process to public comment and criti…
Space: Groups
Space: Infrastructure
Space: Learning Analytics Initiative
The aims of the Apereo Learning analytics initiative (Apereo LAI) are to accelerate the operationalization of Learning A…
Space: Maintenance Team
Space: Management / Project Coordination
Sakai Management / Project Coordination
Space: Migration
Sakai Migration
Space: NGLC Open Academic Analytics
Space: OSP Documentation
Space: Project: Announcements
Space: Project: Assignments
Space: Project: Attendence Tool
Space: Project: Blog
Blog tool for Sakai
Space: Project: CalDAV
Space: Project: Calendar Summary
Space: Project: Chat Room
Space: Project: Content Hosting
Space: Project: Content Review
Space: Project: Gradebook
The Sakai Gradebook Project space will be used as a collaborative area for postgrant development on the gradebook tool. …
Space: Project: Gradebook Improvements
Space: Project: Help
This space is for the Sakai Help Project, which is tasked with supporting, developing, and improving the Help tool in Sa…
Space: Project: Linktool
Space: Project: LTI
Space: Project: Mailtool
Sakai Provisional Tool: Mailtool
Space: Project: Messages & Forums
This document describes the functional requirements and specifications for a new communication tool called "Message Cent…
Space: Project: Mobile Sakai
Space: Project: News
Sakai News Tool
Space: Project: Open Source Health Factors
Space: Project: Page Order Helper
Space: Project: Podcasts
Space: Project: Polls
Core 2.x tool.
Space: Project: Portal
Space: Project: Portfolio
The Open Source Portfolio (OSP) is a community of individuals and organizations collaborating on the development of the …
Space: Project: Post'Em
Sakai Project: Post'Em
Space: Project: Profile2/Profile
Space: Project: Reset Password
Space: Project: Resources
Sakai Subproject: Resource Tool
Space: Project: Roster
The purpose of the Site Roster tool is to provide a user with a list of all users in the site, a link to an individual u…
Space: Project: RWiki
Space: Project: Sakai rWiki replacement
Space: Project: SAMigo
SAMigo an assessment tool for Sakai.
Space: Project: Schedule
Space: Project: Search
A tool that allows a Google like search all content in a Sakai instance.
Space: Project: Section Info
The Section Info tool will allow instructors, system administrators and other authorized users to manage the memberships…
Space: Project: Shortenedurl
Space: Project: SUtool
Space: Project: SWITCH
Space: Project: Syllabus
Space: Project: Tin Can API
Space: Project: User Membership
Space: Project: Web Content
Sakai Web Content Tool
Space: Project: Web Services
Space: Project: Worksite Setup (Site Info)
Space: Release Management
Space: Sakai 2 Technical Coordination Committee
Space: Sakai Board: Communications
Space: Sakai Online Help Documentation
Space: Sakai Project Management Committee (PMC)
Space: South African Interest Group (Sakai-SA)
Space: The Mighty Project Site Group
Space: WG: Accessibility
Space for discussion, document posting and development for Sakai Accessibility efforts.
Space: WG: Assignments
Space: WG: Communications
Space: WG: Course Management
Sakai WG: Course Management
Space: WG: Data Analysis
Easily accessible information about usage is critical to the work of Sakairelated staff including support staff, designe…
Space: WG: End-User Support
Space: WG: Enterprise Integration
This space is the home of the Sakai Enterprise Integration Working Group.
Space: WG: I18N & L10N
This group will discuss Internationalization (I18N) and Localization (L10N) for Sakai. The Chair of this Group is Beth K…
Space: WG: K-12
Space: WG: Licensing
Sakai WG: Licensing
Space: WG: Marketing
Space: WG: Performance
Space: WG: Production (Deploying Sakai)
All about installing, implementing, configuring, and supporting Sakai. A place to find release documentation, learn abou…
Space: WG: Programmer's Cafe
Sakai Programmers Bootcamp activities are designed to introduced new members of the community to programming for Sakai.
Space: WG: QA
Sakai Working Group on Quality Assurance (QA).
Space: WG: Sakai China
Information of Sakai China Community. Providing Chinese documentation of Sakai.
Space: WG: Scorecard
Space: WG: Security
Space: WG: User Experience (UX)
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