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The following list contains all Confluence Spaces for Sakai to which you have access. (If you are expecting to see a space listed below, but do not, please check that you are logged in.) Personal Confluence spaces can be located using the People Directory.

Spaces listed by Team Label

Space: 10th Sakai Conference, 8-10 July 2009, Boston, MA, United States
Space: 2010 Sakai Annual Conference
Space: 2011 Sakai Annual Conference
Space: 3rd Sakai Conference (Community Source Week), Baltimore, MD, USA
3rd Sakai Conference (Community Source Week), Baltimore, MD, USA
Space: 5th Sakai Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada 30 May - 2 June 2006 (Community Source Week)
5th Sakai Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada 30 May 2 June 2006 (Community Source Week)
Space: 6th Sakai Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA 5-8 Dec 2006
6th Sakai Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA 58 Dec 2006
Space: 7th Sakai Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 12-14 June 2007
7th Sakai Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1214 June 2007
Space: 8th Sakai Conference, Newport Beach, CA, USA 3-7 Dec 2007
8th Sakai Conference December 2007
Space: 9th Sakai Conference, Paris, France, 1-3 July 2008
Space: Communauté Sakai française
Space: Conferences
Space: Confluence Dashboard
Space: Contrib: Adobe Connect
Space: Contrib: Agora
Space: Contrib: Assignments2
Space: Contrib: Batch User Creation
Space: Contrib: bigbluebutton
Space: Contrib: Blackboard Learning Environment Connector for Sakai
Space: Contrib: BlogWow
Space: Contrib: Breeze Link
Space: Contrib: CANS
Space: Contrib: Checklist
Sakai Discussion Group on GradTools/Checklist
Space: Contrib: cle-dav
Space: Contrib: cle-mobile
Space: Contrib: Clicker Registration
Space: Contrib: Clog
Space: Contrib: Clustering with Terracotta
Space: Contrib: Compilatio Antiplagiarism
Space: Contrib: Conditional Release
Space: Contrib: Configuration Viewer and Editor
This space describes the Configuration Viewer and Configuration Editor contrib tools.
Space: Contrib: Content Viewer
Space: Contrib: Course Homepage
Space: Contrib: Dashboard
Space: Contrib: Delegated Access
Space: Contrib: Electronic Course Layout & Presentation System (eCLPS)
n this space we intend to outline the process for setting up a Sakai instance to make available the interactive syllabus…
Space: Contrib: Elluminate
Space: Contrib: Email Template Service
Space: Contrib: Evaluation System
Space: Contrib: External Reporting Tool
Space: Contrib: Feed Tool
Space: Contrib: Floating Chat
Space: Contrib: Form Builder
Space: Contrib: Global Alert Messages
Space: Contrib: Goal Management
Sakai Contrib Project: Goal Management
Space: Contrib: Google Calendar
Space: Contrib: Group Manager
Space: Contrib: I10n-Stats
Tool for analyzing the status of the Sakai translations in the source repository.
Space: Contrib: iclicker
Space: Contrib: Icodeon SCORM Player Integration
Space: Contrib: Image Gallery
Space: Contrib: ImageQuiz
Space: Contrib: IMS Enterprise Services
Space: Contrib: IMSTI
The Sakai IMSTI project is an implementation of the IMS Tools Interoperability (TI) Guidelines, version 1.0 (February 20…
Space: Contrib: iTunesU
Space: Contrib: Knowledge Base
Space: Contrib: LAMS
Space: Contrib: Leaderboard
Space: Contrib: Learning Log
Space: Contrib: Learning Path
Space: Contrib: Lesson Builder
Space: Contrib: Live Virtual Classroom
Space: Contrib: MailArchive Wow!
Space: Contrib: Mneme
Space: Contrib: My Sakai
Space: Contrib: News Feeds
Space: Contrib: OCW
OCW Contrib Project
Space: Contrib: OODB
Space: Contrib: OpenMeetings
OpenMeetings Web conference is a tool that allows Sakai users to hold web conference events using an OpenMeetings server…
Space: Contrib: OpenSyllabus
Space: Contrib: QNA (Questions and Answers)
Space: Contrib: Recent Activity
Space: Contrib: Roleplay
Space: Contrib: Roster2
Space: Contrib: SakaiAdminX
Space: Contrib: Sakaibrary
Contrib: Sakaibrary
Space: Contrib: Sakai Groovy Shell
Space: Contrib: Sakai Installer
Space: Contrib: Sakai Kaltura
Space: Contrib: Sakai Maps
Space: Contrib: SCORM Player
A Sakai JSF tool (paraphrased and much abbreviated) from SCORM conformance requirements), be able to launch and sequence…
Space: Contrib: SENRG
Space: Contrib: Sign-Up
Space: Contrib: Simple Page Tool
Space: Contrib: Sitestats
The SiteStats tool allows authorized users to view site usage statistics.
Space: Contrib: Skin Manager
Space: Contrib: SMS
Space: Contrib: Solo (Offline Sakai)
The offline browser client consist of a AJAX application written in Java and compile to pure JavaScript using Google Web…
Space: Contrib: Sousa
Space: Contrib: Sparkline
Space: Contrib: Support Tool
Space: Contrib: Taggable
Space: Contrib: TelEduc-Tools
Space: Contrib: Textbook
Space: Contrib: Timeline
Space: Contrib: TransformAble
Space: Contrib: umusync
Space: Contrib: Urkund Antiaplariasm
Space: Contrib: User Activity
Space: Contrib: Wicket
Space: Contrib: Wimba Integration
Space: Contrib: Word-to-QTI Converter
Space: Contrib: Yaft
Space: DG: Development (Building Sakai)
The Building Sakai area is oriented towards the needs of designers, programmers, developers, and quality assurance membe…
Space: DG: Dutch Sakai
Space: DG: European Sakai Community
The collaboration site facilitates communications among those in Europe who are Sakai users, who are interested in Sakai…
Space: DG: Spanish Sakai
Space: DG: Strategy and Advocacy
Sakai DG: Strategy and Advocacy
Space: DG: Teaching and Learning
Sakai discussion group on Teaching and Learning.
Space: DG: User (Using Sakai)
The Using Sakai area is oriented towards the needs of teachers, instructors, researchers, collaborators, instructional t…
Space: Documentation
This space contains offical documentation on Sakai, while also exposing the revision process to public comment and criti…
Space: Groups
Space: Infrastructure
Space: Learning Analytics Initiative
The aims of the Apereo Learning analytics initiative (Apereo LAI) are to accelerate the operationalization of Learning A…
Space: Maintenance Team
Space: Management / Project Coordination
Sakai Management / Project Coordination
Space: Migration
Sakai Migration
Space: NGLC Open Academic Analytics
Space: OSP Documentation
Space: Project: Announcements
Space: Project: Assignments
Space: Project: Attendence Tool
Space: Project: Blog
Blog tool for Sakai
Space: Project: CalDAV
Space: Project: Calendar Summary
Space: Project: Chat Room
Space: Project: Content Hosting
Space: Project: Content Review
Space: Project: Gradebook
The Sakai Gradebook Project space will be used as a collaborative area for postgrant development on the gradebook tool. …
Space: Project: Gradebook Improvements
Space: Project: Help
This space is for the Sakai Help Project, which is tasked with supporting, developing, and improving the Help tool in Sa…
Space: Project: Linktool
Space: Project: LTI
Space: Project: Mailtool
Sakai Provisional Tool: Mailtool
Space: Project: Messages & Forums
This document describes the functional requirements and specifications for a new communication tool called "Message Cent…
Space: Project: Mobile Sakai
Space: Project: News
Sakai News Tool
Space: Project: Open Source Health Factors
Space: Project: Page Order Helper
Space: Project: Podcasts
Space: Project: Polls
Core 2.x tool.
Space: Project: Portal
Space: Project: Portfolio
The Open Source Portfolio (OSP) is a community of individuals and organizations collaborating on the development of the …
Space: Project: Post'Em
Sakai Project: Post'Em
Space: Project: Profile2/Profile
Space: Project: Reset Password
Space: Project: Resources
Sakai Subproject: Resource Tool
Space: Project: Roster
The purpose of the Site Roster tool is to provide a user with a list of all users in the site, a link to an individual u…
Space: Project: RWiki
Space: Project: Sakai rWiki replacement
Space: Project: SAMigo
SAMigo an assessment tool for Sakai.
Space: Project: Schedule
Space: Project: Search
A tool that allows a Google like search all content in a Sakai instance.
Space: Project: Section Info
The Section Info tool will allow instructors, system administrators and other authorized users to manage the memberships…
Space: Project: Shortenedurl
Space: Project: SUtool
Space: Project: SWITCH
Space: Project: Syllabus
Space: Project: Tin Can API
Space: Project: User Membership
Space: Project: Web Content
Sakai Web Content Tool
Space: Project: Web Services
Space: Project: Worksite Setup (Site Info)
Space: Release Management
Space: Sakai 2 Technical Coordination Committee
Space: Sakai Board: Communications
Space: Sakai Online Help Documentation
Space: Sakai Project Management Committee (PMC)
Space: South African Interest Group (Sakai-SA)
Space: The Mighty Project Site Group
Space: WG: Accessibility
Space for discussion, document posting and development for Sakai Accessibility efforts.
Space: WG: Assignments
Space: WG: Communications
Space: WG: Course Management
Sakai WG: Course Management
Space: WG: Data Analysis
Easily accessible information about usage is critical to the work of Sakairelated staff including support staff, designe…
Space: WG: End-User Support
Space: WG: Enterprise Integration
This space is the home of the Sakai Enterprise Integration Working Group.
Space: WG: I18N & L10N
This group will discuss Internationalization (I18N) and Localization (L10N) for Sakai. The Chair of this Group is Beth K…
Space: WG: K-12
Space: WG: Licensing
Sakai WG: Licensing
Space: WG: Marketing
Space: WG: Performance
Space: WG: Production (Deploying Sakai)
All about installing, implementing, configuring, and supporting Sakai. A place to find release documentation, learn abou…
Space: WG: Programmer's Cafe
Sakai Programmers Bootcamp activities are designed to introduced new members of the community to programming for Sakai.
Space: WG: QA
Sakai Working Group on Quality Assurance (QA).
Space: WG: Sakai China
Information of Sakai China Community. Providing Chinese documentation of Sakai.
Space: WG: Scorecard
Space: WG: Security
Space: WG: User Experience (UX)
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