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The official tag for the conference is Sakai09 (#Sakai09 for Twitter). Please use Sakai09 to share blog posts, tweets, photos or whatever else you'd like. Again, that's Sakai09!

Blog post about our social media experience at Sakai Boston

Using the Sakai09 Tag

Just be sure to tag your content with Sakai09 on whatever sites you use. YouTube, Flickr, Delicious, Diigo, Slideshare, Wordpress whatever it might be. Even on our very own confluence pages!


Presenters should add their slides to our Slideshare Event.

YouTube Channel

Check out videos from the conference Channel

We will be piloting live streaming from some select presentations at the conference. Visit to follow the live stream during the event and access recorded sessions (useful for your colleague who will not attend)! If you would like to participate in this pilot, please contact Mathieu Plourde (just call him Matt). Matt will mostly broadcast from the Using Sakai track.

Sessions that have been recorded:





OSP Pre-conference Workshop - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Sean Keesler and Jan Smith


Vijay Kumar's Keynote Address

Vijay Kumar


Sakai's Product Development Process

Michael Korcuska


Reinventing the Requirement Process

Josh Baron, Stacie Morrone, David Goodrum, Salwa Kahn


Supporting Sakai: An overview of User Support at the University of Michigan - Part 1, Part 2

Jeff Ziegler


Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award Ceremony and Presentations

Michael Korcuska, Andrea Crampton, and Edith Sheffer


Tests and Quizzes (Samigo)

Christine Doherty


Opening Up Education Panel Discussion

Brad Wheeler, Chris Matthew, Peter Soober, Patrick ?


Gradebook NG

Kirk Alexander


Custom Documentation and Help Files

Mathieu Plourde, Karen Campbell, Jonathan Bolte


Sakai 3 Overview

Michael Korcuska


A User-Centered Design Methodology For a Social Networking Tool - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (Sorry, no sound at the beginning of 1, connection dropped multiple times)

Anne-Sophie de Baets


An Honest Look at Sakai: What Should We Tell Potential Adopters?

Mathieu Plourde, Kevin Turner, Hannah Reeves, and Michael Feldstein


Closing Remarks

Michael Korcuska

Vimeo Channel

For videos longer than 10 minutes, videos were posted on Vimeo:

Yahoo Pipes

There's a Yahoo Pipe that's aggregating many of these (go to and search for Sakai09).


There's a Facebook Event.

Conference Website "Faces"

The conference website makes information available for most attendees. Simply click the "Conference Faces" link on the conference website. There's a simple list as well as pictures of many attendees.