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In addition to new values introduced for Sakai 2.5, there are also some changes to address when upgrading from a previous version of Sakai:

New preference.pages property ( SAK-6545 - Switch default page in Preferences to Customize Tabs Closed )

This property controls page order and visibility in the Preferences tool. The property takes comma-separated list of values identifying the pages (and toolbar actions) to display. Available pages are Notifications, Customize Tabs, Time Zone and Language. Below is an example of prefences.pages setting:

preference.pages=prefs_tab_title, prefs_noti_title, prefs_timezone_title, prefs_lang_title

The order of values in the comma-separated list determines page order and also the order of actions in the toolbar. If a value is missing, that page's action will not appear in the toolbar and the page will not be reachable via the UI. If the preference.pages property is not set, page order will be the (current) default.

If you remove

enable.privacy.status = true

you can achieve a similar effect by defining preferences.pages as follows:

preference.pages=prefs_tab_title, prefs_noti_title, prefs_timezone_title, prefs_lang_title, prefs_privacy_title

WebDAV properties changes SAK-13403 - Update user module to change the auth caching mechanism and fix some related issues Closed

The properties associated with the WebDAV authentication cache have changed. In Sakai 2.5.0 and earlier the following properties were used:

These settings have been replaced as of Sakai 2.5.2 with:

Worksite Setup/Site Info properties changes (pre-2.5 to 2.6 upgrade) ( SAK-10762 - Modify WS Setup to allow for adding participants via email address Closed )

In Worksite Setup/Site Info the names of properties associated with the ability to add participants via email address have changed:

Old Name (Sakai 2.4 and earlier)

New Name (Sakai 2.5.0 and later)



















Portfolios (OSP) permission settings (pre-2.5 to 2.6 upgrade) ( SAK-13205 - Permissions for CIG Participant are empty for 2.5 upgrade Closed )

If you are upgrading from a pre-2.5.0 version of Sakai, then you need to force conversion of the OSP permissions by setting osp.upgrade25=true in your file. (See also discussion.)

Portfolios (OSP) reports property changes (pre-2.5 to 2.6 upgrade) ( SAK-10451 - move report and data warehouse into sakai trunk Closed )

Those upgrading from a pre-2.5.0 version of Sakai need to change osp.reports.useWarehouse to sakai.reports.useWarehouse.

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