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Additional capabilities provided by Sakai Community members are available as "contrib" projects. These projects range from prototype efforts to mature tool and service releases such as the Universidade Fernando Pessoa's SiteStats tool or Etudes' Melete Lesson Builder tool.

The contrib repo is located at

(minus) Before installing a "contrib" tool check its release notes to confirm that it's Sakai common services dependencies have been updated to bind to the new kernel. Contrib tool information can also be found in Sakai's Confluence wiki.

Adding a 2.6-compatible contrib tool to your build is usually a straightforward process. For example, to add SiteStats to you Sakai build checkout the latest release tag into your sakai-2.6.0 base folder:

cd sakai-2.6.0
svn co sitestats

Edit SiteStats' base pom file sitestats/pom.xml updating the <parent> pom's <version> value to the appropriate Sakai version:

<!-- Parent: Sakai master pom -->
  <!-- EDIT ME: Sakai Version -->
  <version>2.6.0</version>-->                     <!-- For 2.6.0 release -->   
  <!-- <version>2.6.1-SNAPSHOT</version> -->      <!-- For 2.6.x branch -->
  <!-- <version>2.7.0-SNAPSHOT</version> -->      <!-- For TRUNK -->  

Then install SiteStats artifacts in your local Maven repository followed by deployment to your servlet container (e.g. Tomcat):

cd sitestats
mvn clean install sakai:deploy
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