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Not to be done (error)

07-31-2006 week:

  1. (tick) Integrate team member's change (MAJOR) --All 3 of us
  2. (tick) Flow control: use "informal flow" to carry flow content properly (MAJOR) --Lucy
  3. (tick) 3rd page drop down list: populate scale list from DAO --Lucy
  4. (tick) In Item page, modify page, misc fields value binding --Lucy
  5. (tick) Start on 4th page (preview page: template/producer) - not integrated yet --Will
  6. (tick) Get the UI of the pages same as in Sakai (currently the tool frame is small) --Kapil
  7. (tick) 3rd page, save button works (Do save user choices into database) --Kapil, Lucy
  8. (tick) Clean code, simplify some code which might be static --Lucy, Kapil

08-07-2006 week:

  1. (tick) Dynamically populate items in the table at modify page (MAJOR) --Lucy
  2. (tick) Iterate rows :Items shows in alternative row at modify page(partialy works) --Lucy
  3. (tick) Display correct Scale/Survey names in modify page table --Lucy
  4. (tick) Integrate --Lucy
  5. (tick) In save functionality avoid saving the template with each item (MINOR carried over from last week) --Lucy, Kapil
  6. (tick) Create summary page and producer(most dummy links) --Kapil, Lucy

08-14-2006 week:

  1. (tick) Let the "Modify","Remove" button inside modify page table works(carried from last week) -- Lucy
  2. (tick) Update Item Page with correct value: category radio button, selection from dropdown list --Lucy
  3. (tick) Clean --Lucy, Kapil
  4. (tick) Change the whole flow control of evaluation to session scope (MAJOR) --Lucy
  5. (tick) Rebuild RSF related jars, update maven repository --Lucy
  6. (tick) Finish preview page to same level as in JSF version (Compact, Full and Vertical Display) (MAJOR) -- Kapil
  7. (tick) Change buttons to link style on modify page(MAJOR: carried over from last week task) --Lucy
  8. (tick) Integrate part 1 (JSF preview and scope beans) - All 3 of us.
  9. (tick) Modify page can dynamically show different radio button group -- Lucy
  10. (tick) Let the "Preview" button inside modify page table works -- Lucy, Kapil
  11. (tick) Reproduce exception caused by various execuation order --Lucy
  12. (tick) Do more than what was done in JSF for preview page (that is stepped display) (MAJOR) -- Kapil
  13. (tick) Integrate part 2 (extra preview and some more in modify) --Kapil, Lucy

08-21-2006 week:

  1. (tick) Finishing touch to stepped display (carried over from last week) -- Kapil, Tony
  2. (tick) Let the current trunk(after Aaron's restructuring) compile and run (MAJOR) - Tagged with 2006-08-25. --Lucy, Kapil
  3. (tick) Partial cleaning of code (some big one's include): --Kapil, Lucy
    1. Replace reflection with other code.
    2. Scales make it work (problem of HBM file).
    3. Object instead of primitives.
  4. (tick) Update modify page table with stepped display --Lucy

08-28-2006 and 09-04-2006 week (Kapil and Lucy):

  1. (tick) restructure tables :ITEMS, BLOCK, TEMPLATE.
    1. (tick) move BLOCK to ITEMS
    2. (tick) generate new java files
    3. (tick) Change TEMPLATE to reflect CHANGES on BLOCK
    4. (tick) Change to reflect changes on tables
  2. (tick) DAO cleaned,put other method inside logic layer, get none-hidden scales
  3. (tick) Integrate (update modify page table with stepped display)
  4. (tick) Debug malfunction of Scale Type on item page
  5. (tick) POP out window: "Preview" Link on modify page, "Preview" button on Item Page popping out new window
  6. (tick) Modify page - item count should be dynamic.
  7. (tick) Item page - item number should be dynamic.
  8. (tick) Preview Page-question number should be dynamic
  9. (tick) Use DBVisualizer the generate ERD Click here.
  10. (tick) Finish cleaning code (some big one's include):
    1. (tick) Data still does not go in Block2Templates table.
    2. (tick) Show only non-hidden scales.
    3. (tick) Put constant in seperate java file.
    4. (tick) Change ItemDisplay with other changes
    5. (tick) Naming conventions:
      1. (tick) In Scale use Options instead of Items.
      2. (tick) Item Type, Type, ItemLabelType, ItemLabel all point to 1.
      3. (tick) Make display_type as Scale_Display_Setting.
      4. (tick) Remove the characters for Scales, Question Block, Essay etc. just save the String.
      5. (tick) Remove the characters for Compact, Stepped Vertical etc.just as the string.
      6. (tick) rename category as itemCategory in item.hbm.xml, change its value to string instead of char(1).
      7. (tick) Revisit the method names.
    6. (tick) Remove the BaseBackingBean (optional).
    7. (tick) Organize (all main methods together and setter/getter together) in TemplateBean.
  11. (tick) itemClassification label need to be dynamic on modify table
  12. (tick) Look and feel of pages (some big one's include):
    1. (tick) Title description page - text box is bigger.
    2. (tick) Items page - user info at top.
    3. (tick) Item Page- alignment
  13. (tick) Make the code work with new set of changes (basically the logic layer changes). Also, userId property removed from template bean (now only getter).
  14. (tick) Write the test methods corresponding to the new methods in the logic file.
  15. (tick) Compact colored display for preview.
  16. (tick) Make the item page feel and look similar on different browser (firefox and IE ), remove div
  17. (tick) change modify page feel and look as wireframe
  18. (tick) The IE view is not proper.
  19. (tick) show:Item DISPLAY-ORDER on modify page(drop down list).
  20. (tick) remove radio buttons on modify page table, replace it with Scale Type(as Aaron suggested)
  21. (tick) add N/A boolean radio button on Modify page table
  22. (tick) several fields on modify page, item page need to be BOLD(<b> seems not working with <label>)

09-11-2006 week (Kapil and Lucy):

  1. (tick) Item DISPLAY-ORDER dynamically changes with user selection
  2. (tick) validate item page before submiting form
  3. (tick) validate title_description page before submiting form
  4. (tick) On items page make course radio button selected by default.
  5. (tick) Cancel button changed from "submit" button to "button"
  6. (tick) Integrate code.
  7. (tick) Revisit fill in details of each page in Template Bean.
  8. (tick) Revisit comments in templateBean.
  9. (tick) Look and feel of pages (continue last week):
    1. (tick) Alignment of item text preview page.
    2. (tick) Alignment on modify page.
    3. (tick) item page textarea size, dropdownlist size
  10. (tick) Make the system work in firefox on windows.
  11. (tick) Full colored display for preview.
  12. (tick) In prewiew_item.html: code cleanup, make the scale options bold, check on firefox.
  13. (tick) Stepped colored display for preview (on INTERNET EXPLORER).

09-18-2006 week:

  1. (tick) Integrate code - Kapil and Lucy.
  2. (tick) Revisit producers for cleaning and commenting - Lucy.
  3. (tick) switch to using the sakai-café-2.2.x distro - Kapil and Lucy.
  4. (tick) Check all java files to see if class level - Lucy.
  5. (tick) Resolve bug:Item page default selection "Course" was not saved and Resolve bug:Item Category at Item page was not binding correctly - Lucy.
  6. (tick) Make modifyTemplateTitleDescription link work at Modify Page and Update Save template logic - Lucy.
  7. PreviewEval page (MAJOR) - Lucy.
    1. (tick) Start on PreviewEval page(html&producer) show items with Compact, Compact Colored display
    2. (tick) PreviewEval page should show Full, Full Colored display on next row dynamically
    3. (tick) PreviewEval page show Stepped,
    4. (tick) Stepped Colored display
    5. (tick) PreviewEval page show vertical display
    6. (tick) Layout, position of table
    7. (tick) background color for even numbered rows
    8. (tick) Show N/A radio button based on user selection
  8. (tick) On preview page show N/A radio button if user selects that checkbox on items page.On preview and modify pages make the radio buttons as enabled- Lucy.
  9. (tick) On modify page, Show N/A radio button only when user selects that checkbox on items page- Lucy.

09-25-2006 week (Lucy):

  1. (tick) Preview Item page does not show "Stepped Dispay" ,"Stepped Colored Display" with proper position
  2. (tick) Finish PreviewEval page
    1. (tick) PreviewEval page does not show "Stepped Colored Display", "Vertical Display" with proper position
    2. (tick) PreviewEval page:show N/A radio button based on user selection (continue last week's work)
    3. (tick) Layout of PreviewEval page
    4. (tick) PreviewEval page: show N/A radio along with radio buttons of Stepped Display,and of Stepped Colored Display
    5. (tick) Vertical Display should go to next line
  3. (tick) Preview_item page: Vertical Display does not work, re-position
  4. (tick) ModifyTemplate page:alignment;item number should be bold
  5. (tick) RemoveQuestion Page --MAJOR
    1. (tick) RemoveQuestion page(html & producer)
      1. (tick) Compact, Compact Colored
      2. (tick) Full, Full Colored Display, Vertical Display
      3. (tick) Stepped, Stepped Colored Display
      4. (tick) position, lay out
    2. (tick) ModifyTemplate Page: make the remove link in the table work-- goes to RemoveQuestion page
    3. (tick) RemoveQuestion page: Make the "Remove", "Cancel" button work
    4. (tick) ModifyItem page: make the remove link working - goes to RemoveQuestion page
    5. (tick) ModifyItem page : "remove" link should show up dynamically-- show up only when the item already been saved
  6. (tick) ModifyEssay page --MAJOR
    1. (tick) ModifyEssay page (html & producer)
    2. (tick) ModifyItem Page: "Add" button with "ShortAnswer/Essay" dropdown menu goes to ModifyEssay page
    3. (tick) ModifyEssay page : "Save" button
      1. (tick) Save for the new "Essay" item
      2. (tick) ModifyTemplate page show item for "Essay" type
      3. (tick) ModifyTempalet:"Modify" link for "Essay" type
      4. (tick) Save exsiting "Essay" item
    4. (tick) ModifyEssay page: "Preview" button,"Canel" button
      1. (tick) PreviewItem page for "Essay" case
      2. (tick) TemplateModify page: the "Preview" for Essay case
  7. (tick) Item.hbm.xml changed:scaleDisplaySetting, scale should be nullable
  8. (tick) Start on ModifyHeader page
    1. (tick) Html & Producer
    2. (tick) ModifyItem Page: "Add" button with "Text Header" dropdown menu goes to ModifyHeader page
  9. (tick) check all java file to fill Class/ method level comments

10-02-2006 week (Lucy):

  1. (tick) ModifyEssay page(continue)
    1. (tick) TemplateModify page : "Remove" link
    2. (tick) RemoveQuestion page for "Essay" case
    3. (tick) Make the "Remove" link on ModifyEssay page work and show up dynamically
  2. (tick) ModifyBlock page (MAJOR)---- wait for Antranig's reply
    1. (tick) ModifyBlock page html & producer
    2. (tick) Resolve value-binding bug
    3. (tick) Make the "Add Item to Block" button work
    4. (tick) Make the "Remove" button work
  3. (tick) Make the cancel button on template title desc page work - CHECK WITH AARON.
  4. (tick) Item.hbm.xml need to be changed: "usesNA" field should be nullable. updated, several test files updated
  5. (tick) ModifyHeader page (continue)
    1. (tick) "Save" function:
      1. (tick)"Save" for new "header" item
      2. (tick)"Save" for existing item
    2. (tick) ModifyTemplate page need to be modified for "Header" case
    3. (tick) Make "Preview" ,"Cancel" button work
    4. (tick) Make "Remove" link work
    5. (tick) ModifyTemplate page: "Preview" link for "header" type
    6. (tick) ModifyTemplate page : "Modify" link for "header" type
    7. (tick) ModifyTemplate page: "Remove" link for "header" type
  6. (tick) Redo PreviewEval page:
    1. (tick) re-organize previewEval page table cell
    2. (tick) Display for "Essay", "Header", "Block" type
    3. (tick) Modify display for "Stepped", "Stepped Colored" display-- question text need to be aligned with radio button
  7. (tick) Redo PreviewItem page

10-09-2006 and 10-16-2006 week (Kapil and Lucy):

  1. (tick) Integrate Code
  2. (tick) Discuss with Aaron
    1. (tick) Most "cancel" button on wireframe should go back to previous page, but "cancel" button on AssignEval page should go back to Summary page
    2. (tick) Template.hbm.xml should have an extra field "OWNER"
    3. (tick) For showing the list of templates to instructors show the "Private" which are owned, "public" and "visible".
    4. (tick) Some other things (a) Cleanup up the view id's ..make them constants. (b) Add some hierarchy. (c) For list of courses for instructors see Aaron's example.
  3. (tick) Build new RSF jars, update VT maven repository
  4. (tick) template.hbm.xml add new filed,Item.hbm.xml category field nullable, update all the other files
  5. (tick) ModifyBlock page (continue) ---MAJOR
    1. (tick) enforce: at leat 1 child item, question text not null
    2. (tick) Make "Save" button work
      1. (tick) Save new Block items
      2. (tick) TemplateModify page:"Modify" link for "Block" case
      3. (tick) Save/modify exsiting items
    3. (tick) ModifyTemplate page for Block:
      1. (tick) Show parent Block Item
      2. (tick) Display complext rows for Block item type
      3. (tick) Show items belong to the Block
    4. (tick) Make the "Remove" button enforce: at least one question text box should be left(not removed)
    5. (tick) Make the "Remove link" work
      1. (tick) RemoveQuestion page show Block items
      2. (tick) remove all the items belong to block from DAO
      3. (tick) ModifyTemplate page : "Remove" link work for "Block" type
    6. (tick) Make "Preview Item" button work
      1. (tick) ModifyTemplate: "Preview" link
  6. (tick) RemoveQuestion page
    1. (tick) reconstruct Remove question page
    2. (tick) display Block items
    3. (tick) display Block colored items
  7. (tick) PreviewItem page:
    1. (tick) Display Block items (Stepped Display): question text align iwth radio buttons
    2. (tick) Display Block items (Stepped Colored Display): question text align with radio buttons
  8. (tick) Display block child question no with ItemNo+ a(b,c,etc) on ModifyTemplate, PreviewItem, RemoveQuestion page
  9. (tick) Change all the producer files: use ViewID
  10. (tick) PreviewItem page : show TextArea for "Essay" type lines
  11. (tick) RemoveQuestion page: show TextArea for "Essay" type lines
  12. (tick) PreviewEval page for all item types
    1. (tick) Reconstruct tabel structure
    2. (tick) show block type with child items
    3. (tick) show essay, header type
  13. (tick) debug: ModifyTemplate page: modify link does not correctly save modified scale type
  14. (tick) Clean, remover setter & getter, use object accessing
  15. (tick) Use viewparamter to pass variables between request
  16. (tick) Work in all template related producers: Clean up up the view id's ..make them constants.
  17. (tick) Start evaluation page (Begin Evaluation Functionaility):
    1. (tick) Link the Begin Evaluation link in Summary page to start evaluation page.
    2. (tick) Connect the Begin Evaluation link in Modify template page to start evaluation page.
    3. (tick) Main page.
    4. (tick) Link to settings page.
    5. (tick) Get the list of templates from logic layer.
    6. (tick) Dynamic display of template box at bottom (i.e.) different behaviour when coming from summary and modify template page.
    7. (tick) Owner is not being stored in database currently. Make sure to do that first.
    8. (tick) Confrming evaluation bean to the pattern suggested by Aaron in meeting on Oct 2nd (this includes the getTemplateValues and Labels methods).
    9. (tick) Display the ownwer on the page....code in producer and html files.
    10. (tick) Add logic for what all templates have to be fetched (private, public etc)...change in and
    11. (tick) One of the templates (in the list) should be selected by default.
  18. (tick) Evaluation settings page.
    1. (tick) Basic HTML and producer.
    2. (tick) Linking to assign and control panel.
    3. (tick) The details in HTML (IMPORTANT: When developing HTML intensive pages work on the template i.e. .html in tomcat dir itelf and then copy to actual code).
    4. (tick) Test the HTML page on a small monitor.
    5. (tick) Some notes about this page which need to be implemented (discussion with Aaron):
      1. (tick) Stop date make it hidden (that is a flag wich is always false. in future it would be picked from settings page).
      2. (tick) View date should be today's date by default.
      3. (tick) Thus add the due date.
    6. (tick) The details in producer.
  19. (tick) Assign evaluation page (For list of courses for instructors see Aaron's example).
    1. (tick) Basic HTML page.
    2. (tick) The details in producer.
    3. (tick) Flow to the other pages.

10-23-2006 and 10-30-2006 week (Kapil and Lucy):

  1. (tick) Meeting on monday tasks:
    1. (tick) In eval_assign_course table make instructor_view_results and student_view_results both 'true' by default (this is need by Columbia). Also, add a column called 'sakai_site_id' in this table. This column is basically has foreign key to the courses.
    2. (tick) Instead of Javascript validations use BeanGuards from (See the note in each page where validation needed separately).
    3. (tick) Drop the user_courses table as both users and courses are picked from Sakai.
      1. Note 1: To setup the Hibernate Configuration you need to refer to ReadMe in api/model/src/java.
      2. Note 2: When you delete a A.hbm.xml file you need to remove references from following 6 places: (a) Delete the A.hbm.xml, (b) Delete, (c) Remove entry from impl/dao/src/test/hibernate-test.xml, (d) Remove entry from /impl/pack/src/webapp/WEB-INF/hibernate-hbms.xml, (e) Remove entry from /impl/pack/src/webapp/WEB-INF/spring-hibernate.xml (f) Modify Hibernate console configuration (refer to the Readme.txt pointed in the Note1 above).
    4. (tick) For sending email we need details of users in a course. So from SITE API get list of users. Then from USER API get details of each user. - MOVED TO NEXT WEEK.
    5. (tick) In the email templates (both Available and Reminder) remove Course Id. For creating deeplink refer to the email from Tony.
    6. (tick) For actual sending email refer to the Email API (Email Service class).- MOVED TO NEXT WEEK.
    7. (tick) In the preview evaluation page we need to show the course related questions separately and instructor related questions separately. So need to go through the User API for this (looks a little fuzzy).
    8. (tick) Also, note that student and instructor have different views in the preview eval page. That is information about 'who added this question' is visible to instructors and not to students. Thus, how do we know whether the person is a student or an instructor. We need to go to auth_api for this. See the code in RSF Plus class written by Aaron and method 'canWriteItem' where there is if-else construct. More details are:Call getGroups in AutzGroup class. Then from the group get the users who have access. This is a little fuzzy. You first need to create 4 roles (as below) from admin console and look up the code pointed above: - MOVED TO NEXT WEEK.
      1. Create template
      2. Assign template / evaluation
      3. Be evaluated
      4. Take eval.
  2. (tick) Start evaluation page (Begin Evaluation Functionaility)--continue
    1. (tick) link "view preview" to PreviewEval page
      1. (tick) use viewparameter to pass template id
      2. (tick) get templatefrom DAO, get items, including child items from DAO
      3. (tick) update logic, and other test files
      4. (tick) reset PreviewEval producer logic to display preview for that particular template
    2. (tick) link "view a preview" link on ModifyTemplate page , use viewParameters
    3. (tick) Make the preview evaluation link work in the bottom list of templates.
    4. (tick) PreviewEval page debug
    5. (tick) debug: EVAL_ITEM2TEMPLATE table index error:Change Item.hbm.xml, Template.hbm.xml
    6. (tick) PreviewEval page text alignment
    7. (tick) ModifyTemplate page alignment
    8. (tick) PreviewItem page alignment
    9. (tick) PreviewEVal page course, instruction section
  3. (tick) Email functionaility - Also includes linking from Evaluation Settings Page:
    1. (tick) Email available and reminder pages linked from settings page.
    2. (tick) ModifyEmail page
      1. (tick) Basic Html & producer
      2. (tick) functionality : in evalutionBean
      3. (tick) logicImpl & related files
    3. (tick) PreviewEmail page
      1. (tick) Basic Html & producer
    4. (tick) Create a column in EmailTemplate table which is unique and nullable. For the 2 base email text we would have value of this column as "available" and "reminder". For all other entries it would be null.
    5. (tick) Preload the email data.
      1. (tick) long text ("\n" and <pre> ...</pre>).
    6. (tick) Pick the email template from database and show it on PreviewEmail page. Also show on ModifyEmailTemplate page (both for Available and Reminder).
    7. (tick) Save the email template and link emailTemplate FK with evaluation.
  4. (tick) Update RSF jars
  5. (tick) Evaluation settings page --continue -
    1. (tick) Coming back to settings page from assign page.
    2. (tick) Hide the Save Settings button for now. When we make the control panel then we need to show this button that instead of Continue to Assign.
    3. (tick) Coming from Assign page, the "Students in the courses this evaluation is assigned to" and "Instructors in the courses this evaluation is assigned to" fields on EvalSetting page is needed to be bind in the Bean.
    4. (tick) debug: Cancel button on StartEval page should either go back to TemplateModify page or, Summary page.
    5. (tick) debug:Cancel button on EvalSetting page when go back to EvalStart page , it should perserve the previous selected template(templateId).
    6. (tick) Email reminder dropdown mennu should select 2nd option for the first time
    7. (tick) Pass tempalteId from ModifyTemplate page( when click the Begin Evalaution link )to StartEval page, and binding to evaluation bean
  6. (tick) Assign evaluation page (For list of courses for instructors see Aaron's example)--continue
    1. (tick) Get the list of courses.
      1. (tick) Filter out the Admin Workspace.
      2. (tick) Move code for fetching site from EvaluationBean to logic layer.
    2. (tick) Accessing 'site' in Producer is bad (Site, Authz and Entity API's). Make hashmap in logic and send.
    3. (tick) Get the list of courses in a new way (not by using !admin).
      1. (tick) Sample code by Aaron,
      2. (tick) Follow the sample and use the persmission "" to the list of sites.
  7. (tick) Confirm Assign Page
    1. (tick) Basic HTML.
    2. (tick) Linking to other pages.
    3. (tick) Get list of courses selected.
    4. (tick) Save everything
      1. (tick) Basic saving.
      2. (tick) Make evaluation_pk not-unique in eval_assign_course table.
      3. (tick) Make columns STUDENTS_DATE and INSTRUCTOR_DATE nullable in evaluation table.
      4. (tick) Settings are not binding.
        1. (tick) From email text box.
        2. (tick) All Boolean - Use UIBoolean
        3. (tick) Only first template_fk is being linked properly.
        4. (tick) Quick fix for dates.
    5. (tick) Getting the enrollments.
      1. (tick) Sample code by Aaron.
      2. (tick) Get for the current site/context (see here).
      3. (tick) Get for all the sites - context is superset of sites...get the list of contexts which are be done when all context/sites are provided by Aaron.
  8. Miscellaneous tasks (IMPORTANT)
    1. (tick) On the summary page make the link disabled if no templates available.
      1. (tick) logic file: check if there is any template or not
    2. (tick) show course, instructor section dynamically --when there is no course/instrctor item, no course/instructor section should how up
    3. (tick) Clearing data from "Beans" when come from Summary page - Create and Begin.
      1. (tick) clear data for "Create Template" case
      2. (tick) clear data for "Begin Evalutaion" case coming from summary page
      3. (tick) clear data for "Begin Evaluation" case coming from modifyTemplate page
      4. (tick) disable "Beign Evaluation" link on Summary page when there is no item
      5. (tick) disable "Beign Evaluation" link on modifyTemplate page when there is no item
      6. (tick) Remove dummy the links from Summary page.
    4. (tick) pre-select the first template on Evaluation Start page
    5. (tick) Cancel button flow in whole of assign functionality. The current History.Back doesn't seem a good solution.
    6. (tick) Keep data for flow from "cancel" button on EditSetting page, but Clear data for "begin Evalution" from summary, modifyTemplatePage
    7. (tick) Preload the email data logic
    8. (tick) Get the list of sites from database instead of Bean and update the Bean (related to Assign page).
    9. (tick) Save email, when click on DONE.
    10. (tick) Inform Kim by 30th Oct and prepare the test plan.
    11. (tick) Make "UIContainer arg0, ViewParameters arg1, ComponentChecker arg2" to "UIContainer tofill, ViewParameters viewparams, ComponentChecker checker" in all template producers.
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