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  • 05_22_2008 EvalSys Team Meeting (Adobe Connect)
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Sakai Course Evaluation Meeting

Sean, U-M
Dick, U-M
Aaron, Cambridge
Hattie, Cambridge
Ellen, Maryland
Rick, Maryland
Seth, Columbia

Objective: Update the Sakai community on recent pilot results and discuss proposed future work to ensure technical alignment


0. Update on what's in 1.2 (5 minutes, Aaron)
    - Multiple choice & multiple answer
    - Extra blocking support
    - Reporting "fixed up" (html & Excel, CSV, PDF export)
    - Ad hoc groups rough around the edges
    - Ability to reopen evaluations; close early
    - copying  items & scales
    - commenting on multi choice; multi-scale
    - hierarchy improvements
    - email templating
    - mark items to include in a set (tagging; building block for full hierarchy)
        - not yet in UI
    - Hattie to work on internal docs; not necessarily for end-user use

1. Update on U-M's Fall planning: requirements review and design implications (30 minutes, Sean & Dick)
- Project overview
    - Fall commitment (begins in early Sept with several eval windows, including end of term which starts in Sept->Dec
        - 6-10x increase over pilots
        - (30k possible evaluations, 8300 submitted evaluations; 7k possible participants, 3k submitted)
        - Dates:
            - dev through end of June; QC to follow (functional testing)
            - cap testing starting mid July
    - Group definition requirement being put off for now
    - Technical changes:
        - Email handling (Dick)
        - one email per student
    - Performance monitoring (Dick)

2. Updates from each institution on plans and any resource changes coming
in the future (10 minutes)
    - Maryland: Considering adding dept level hierarchy for Fall
    - Maryland: looking to hire Sakai programmer (end of summer target?)
    - Columbia: "keeping an eye on things" for the moment ¿
    - Cambridge: pilot OK, but lost some data
        - go live w/1.2 in October
        - desire to pretty up the templates and UI over summer

3. Update on the Maryland pilot (Ellen, 10 minutes)
    - Assessment office entered evaluations and manually created hierarchy
    - Colleges added their own questions; instructor items were duplicated for each instructor
    - 15 University wide questions
    - 5294 courses, 123k possible evals
    - 76000 completed (62%; just below Fall rate of 63%)
    - Second eval run due to missed courses
    - 12430 evals on busiest day; 2647 in busiest hour
    - reminders every 4 days, last 3 days were every day
    - lower response rate for schools with instructor added questions
        - survey fatigue?
        - worst case was crosslisted (3 instructors + institutional q's)
        - 69 questions; evaluations get long fast
    - ran for 2 weeks
    - summer sessions 1 week each using same version of software
    - initial email handled with external mail app; reminders via Sakai
        - modified email reminder for last message
    - power outage took down eval system; reminders resent
    - very few help desk tickets

4. Next Steps (Sean, 5 minutes)
- Do we need another meeting?
- Maryland technical performance issue
    - what's been done with Maryland observed performance issues?
    - in 1.1; currently only on Maryland branch; need to resolve tech approach
- Conference presentation details (if known)
- Best source of info on ad hoc evaluation support?; available instance?
- Tool road map (concerns over outdated Confluence space; new schools using tool?)

5. Action Items:
Action Item: Aaron to share aspectJ sample with Dick for profiling
Action Item: Sean to send out meeting notes and schedule next meeting

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