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  • 01_10_2008 EvalSys Team Meeting (Adobe Connect)
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Evaluation Tool Sakai Meeting 1_10_08

I. Institution updates:

  • Maryland: code freeze end of March followed by testing
  • Michigan: pilot II in early Feb, full rollout in Sept
  • Virginia Tech: hiring starting up; may be in place by summer
  • Cambridge: small scale pilot early March
  • Virginia Tech: continuing with Cold Fusion system
  • Page in contrib with Institutional requirements listed on page:

II. Maryland update: Performance problems observed (45 seconds for dashboard to display)

  • logfiles were growing out of control
  • serial reads of course lists; algorithm redone
  • Some discussion of performance issues; need to address issues with provider lookups
  • Maryland and Cambridge to discuss details offline

III. Single email discussion (Dick Ellis)

  • Merging code back into trunk after U-M pilot
  • Will use the UMICH branch for pilot
  • Dick reviewed simplified reminders flow and outlined potential issue with overlapping evaluation windows; consensus was that an evaluation tagging mechanism could be added to address eval groupings

IV. Hierarchy meeting to be held tomorrow

Action Items:

  • Ellen to work on Tagging Evaluations Jira item (will better support multiple evaluation windows)
  • Maryland and Cambridge to discuss details of performance issues and potential solutions
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