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  • 05_28_2008 EvalSys Team Meeting (Adobe Connect)
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Objective: Continue discussion of Sakai Course Eval project to ensure coordination of effort

Agenda items:

0. Dink around with audio til everyone can hear and talk (5 minutes)

  • Don't forget to run through the audio setup wizard

1. Follow-up on U-M performance profiling discussion (15 minutes)

  • Aaron provided example; Dick got working but still having problems with build. Working with Aaron to get build working. May have discovered slow areas in emailing.
  • Dick and Aaron discussed options for turning on/off aspect in Production

2. Follow-up on Maryland performance issue (15 minutes)

  • Admin: MyEvaluations screen takes a long time for admin with a large number of evals
  • Related to time to calculate number of people in a course. Will take time to fix: will need to calculate once and cache
  • Student: login and duration to load dashboard
  • Student: 45 seconds to submit evaluation

3. Discuss 1.2 information sharing: (10 minutes)

  • Conference presentation details (if known)
  • Best source of info on ad hoc evaluation support?; available instance?
  • Testing results

4. Eval Tool road map: (10 minutes)

  • managing Confluence space
  • new schools using tool?
  • Rutgers has expressed an interest
  • Columbia will have some requirements in the future
  • May have been some localization in South America
  • emerging/new requirements?
  • Add a Getting Started page on Confluence page; group will contribute to it over time

5. Next Steps/Action items (5 minutes)

  • Next meeting in July to report dev, functional testing, and performance testing status?

Action Items:
Sean: Follow up on instance for docs w/John Ellis (in progress)
Sean: Add a Getting Started page on Confluence page (done; now need to add relevant conten)
Sean: Send out meeting request in July for end of month regroup (not 7/15-18) (pending)

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